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Montenegro is one of my favorite countries in the Balkans (or everywhere really) that I’m always happy to return to. Yet I never seem to plan a perfect Montenegro itinerary – I’m usually sucked in by Kotor and spend too much time there or I randomly choose the best places to visit in Montenegro already during my trip. I’ve been so many times in Montenegro by now and the story is always the same.

Montenegro itinerary

Fortunately, a fellow travel blogger Samantha from Sam Sees World wrote this perfect one week in Montenegro itinerary so you. Read on and plan your own trip to Montenegro, you will love it there for sure!

Montenegro essentials

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Montenegro is one of Europe’s smallest yet most magical countries. It sits in the beautiful Balkans region and is known for its huge mountains, clear blue water, and authentic charm.

Spending one week in Montenegro gives visitors enough time to see and experience quite a bit of the country, making it the perfect amount of time for a visit.

Montenegro itinerary

Due to Montenegro’s small size moving from city to city and seeing a lot of the country is very easy. Most cities and attractions are no more than one hour apart and driving or taking the bus is often quite quick.

As a result, you can travel all around the country within 7 days and see various cities and attractions without wasting time driving and moving around.

The best thing about Montenegro is that tourism is still on the rise here. Unlike its neighboring country Croatia, Montenegro welcomes fewer tourists which makes exploring easier and less crowded.

However, every year Montenegro gets more and more popular so visiting this coastal gem before it is a hot spot is essential.

Montenegro itinerary

Montenegro itinerary

Find below the ultimate one week in Montenegro itinerary and see exactly how you should spend your 7 days in Montenegro.

Day 1: Kotor

Kotor is by far the most popular place to visit in Montenegro and the perfect place to start your adventures. As one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Europe, Kotor is a hot spot for all kinds of travellers.

The best thing about Kotor is that it has something for everyone: there is an impressive hike for adventure travelers, tons of history, delicious food, and plenty of culture to discover. There is a ton to do and see here and making this your home base for the next 3 days is best so you can settle in and not have to worry about moving your luggage.

While in Kotor the main thing you must do is climb the Kotor Fortress. This is the city’s most famous hike, with some amazing Kotor pictures opportunities, and offers stunning views of the Bay of Kotor, the city, and the surrounding mountains. The hike takes around 40 minutes and is up a rocky and quite slippery hill.

In the summer months after 10 AM, this hike is even harder, once the sun passes the mountains it is very hot and you will find it exhausting. It is best to go before 10 AM to avoid the sun and crowds.

In addition to this, Kotor Old Town is really beautiful, much like a Game of Thrones film set. Exploring this and wandering into old shops, finding secret squares, and admiring the stone architecture is a must.

If you find the number of tourists a little overwhelming you can take a boat trip to the nearby village Perast or to Our Lady of the Rocks. Both of which are very interesting and beautiful making them well worth the visit.

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See the best Kotor tours here.

Montenegro itinerary

Montenegro itinerary

Montenegro itinerary

Montenegro itinerary

Day 2: Herceg Novi

A 40-minute drive from Kotor sits the magical coastal town of Herceg Novi. This is a wonderful place to head on a day trip from Kotor since the town is much less touristy and offers a relaxed coastal vibe.

A visit to Herceg Novi will show you a more authentic side of Montenegro as a place that is not super popular but full of exciting things to do and see.

The best thing to do in Herceg Novi is head to one of the many beaches. While in Montenegro most of your time will be spent along the coastline and you will be craving a swim in the blue waters. Herceg Novi is the best place for this as the entire shoreline of the city is full of beaches.

However, the beaches here aren’t sandy but built on cement platforms that go into the water. On these platforms, you can find sunbeds to rent for around 5 euros per person, bars, and even restaurants that can serve you where you’re sunbed is.

Herceg Novi also has its own old town that is full of pastel-colored buildings, old towers, and plenty of amazing things to see and experience. A highlight of the old town is the Clock Tower which you can walk to the top of and view the town from above!

Montenegro itinerary

Montenegro itinerary

Montenegro itinerary

Day 3: Ostrog Monastery

Another great day trip from Kotor is Ostrog Monastery. This is one of the country’s most famous and significant monasteries that is well worth a visit.

To get to Ostrog you will have to drive for just over an hour, which is the longest you will travel between places on this itinerary. Ostrog Monastery, together with Durmitor National Park, is also included in a great Northern Montenegro tour from Kotor – click here for details.

Once you arrive in Ostrog you will be welcomed by the beautiful Serbian Orthodox Monastery that is built into the jagged mountainside.

This monastery attracts thousands of people each year, but it is a religious place and not so much of a tourist attraction. When visiting Ostrog you need to be very respectful and not walk around taking photos but being respectful and treating it as a place of worship. Make sure you wear conservative clothing too or you won’t be allowed into the monastery.

Montenegro itinerary

Montenegro itinerary

Day 4-5: Budva

After spending 3 nights in Kotor it is time to move to the next most popular city in Montenegro: Budva – an exciting and vibrant city that is known for its fun nightlife, beautiful beaches, and wonderful old town.

Budva is one of the best places to visit in Montenegro that should not be overlooked. Due to its location along the coast, you can find various beaches, and it is in close proximity to other sights and attractions.

The best thing to do in Budva is spending time exploring and wandering around the old town. Budva’s old town is much less busy than the one in Kotor which makes exploring more enjoyable.

Here you will find quaint cafes, local shops, and plenty to admire. This is the perfect place to find local restaurants to stop in for lunch and enjoy some Montenegrin dishes like fish, cevapcici, and more!

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Montenegro itinerary

Montenegro itinerary

Day 6: Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is a small island located just 20 minutes from Budva. Making the short journey from Budva to Sveti Stefan is perfect for a relaxing beach day.

The island itself is a fortified 5 star resort with one part of the beach opposite of it open to the public. On the public beach, you can relax on the rocks, swim, and enjoy the stunning views.

Many people spend the day here admiring the beauty and exploring. This is one of the most beautiful sights to see along the coastline that is super unique.

Montenegro itinerary

Day 7: Tivat

The last day of your Montenegro adventures is best spent in the wonderful and very different Tivat.

Tivat is a much more modern city in Montenegro that recently underwent renovations and has an updated upper class feel to it. Unlike the other cities in Montenegro that are home to old towns and historic buildings, Tivat is home to luxury shops and high-end restaurants. The high end feel comes from the fact that Tivat is home to a major yacht port and superyachts sailing the Adriatic Seaport here.

The best thing to do in Tivat is to spend a day in Porto Montenegro. This is the city’s famous pool club which offers a beautiful infinity pool, sunbeds, and full services. The best part is that spending a day here is not super expensive and you can enjoy a day of luxury without a huge price tag.

After spending a day here you can explore the brand new promenade and look at all the stunning yachts you wish to own. Then go for dinner at one of the many waterfront restaurants.

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Montenegro itinerary

Montenegro itinerary

When to visit Montenegro

The best time to visit Montenegro is in the shoulder months of May and September. This is because during the summer months Montenegro welcomes more tourists and getting around can take slightly longer due to traffic.

The shoulder months of May and September welcome warm weather but with half the amount of tourists. This can make a significant difference in travel times as in the summer a 40-minute drive can take 1.5 hours if the roads are super congested.

It is best to avoid visiting Montenegro in the winter months as the weather is not very nice and with few tourists, there are not as many attractions open.

Montenegro itinerary

Final thoughts on visiting Montenegro

Spending one week in Montenegro will show you some of the best and most interesting parts of the country. This Montenegro itinerary will have you moving and doing something new every day but will leave you with a ton of memories and knowledge of the country.

About the author: Samantha Karen is the founder of the travel bog Sam Sees World. She is a twenty something traveler on a mission to explore the world to seek the new and unknown so she can document her experiences and inspire others to explore this wondrous world. Her objective is to learn about the world while also searching for her place in it. Check out Sam Sees World for valuable information on the best things to do, see, eat, and experience while traveling and making memories along the way. You can also follow Sam on Instagram and Pinterest.

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    Was supposed to have visited last May, got pushed back to this May and sadly just had my flight cancelled, so now rescheduling for 2022! Cannot wait to visit eventually though, looks so beautiful there!

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      Ah, that’s so bad! I have tickets for April (rebooked from last year) but I don’t really believe I will go too. Fingers crossed you will get to visit Montenegro next year, I’m sure you will love it!

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      Tivat airport is close to Kotor but I honestly have no idea what destinations are served from there. Why don’t you use a website like Skyscanner to check it out? It should have the most reliable information. Kotor is small but beautiful but it might be a bit tricky to get out from there as the place can get busy and roads might be packed in the peak season. If you would like to explore more of Montenegro, Budva seems like a better base. Or you can stay a few nights in Kotor and then a few nights in Budva.

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