Innsbruck Card Review – Is It Worth It?

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During my recent trip to Innsbruck, I’ve decided to purchase an Innsbruck Card for my sightseeing in and around this beautiful city. I hardly ever buy this kind of card, but after doing a little research, it turned out to be the best option if I wanted to see some of the best Innsbruck attractions and save money along the way.

As it quickly turned out, it was the best decision. In my two days in Innsbruck (well, in fact, it was 27 hours), I saved around €50 on sightseeing and used public transport around the city for free. And so, I’ve decided to share my experience with Innsbruck Card here and break down my savings to give you a complete overview of what I’ve seen and how much I would have paid otherwise.

innsbruck card

Before we continue, full disclosure: I paid for the Innsbruck Card myself. My trip there, as well as this article, are not in any collaboration with the city, and what you read here is 100% my experience, not biased by any third party. It’s not like you would expect anything less from me, but I wanted to mention this here anyway.

What is Innsbruck card

Innsbruck Card is the official city card that offers numerous discounts to visitors. With it, you can enter many attractions free of charge, use public transport, and take the cable car to Hafelekarspitze Mountain. Innsbruck Card is a perfect solution if you plan to visit some of the attractions in the city (and Innsbruck has so many of them!).

innsbruck card

How much is Innsbruck card

There are three kinds of Innsbruck card: 24h, 48h, and 72h, and the price depends on which one you want to purchase:

  • 24 hours card costs €53
  • 48 hours card costs €63
  • 72 hours card costs €73

The card works 24/48/72 consecutive hours from when you first use it or the time you indicate on it yourself. For example, if you arrive in Innsbruck at noon and leave the city at 11 in the morning on the next day, 24 24-hour card will be enough for you, even if you actually spend two days in the city.

I got a 48-hour card for myself – I knew I would spend at least 24 hours in Innsbruck, but since I wasn’t sure which train I would take to my next destination, I decided to spend 10€ extra for a longer card, just in case. It turned out it was a good decision as Innsbruck surprised me with so many things I wanted to see and do.

innsbruck card

What is included in Innsbruck card

My main reason for considering the Innsbruck Card was the cable car to Hafelekarspitze, which normally costs €44. And that’s one of the highlights you can enjoy with the card, but you can see and do so many other great things.

Some of the best ones include the Imperial Palace, the Court Church, the City Tower, the Alpine Zoo, the Bergisel ski jumping hill, Ambras Castle, Swarovski Crystal Worlds, and many more.

With the Innsbruck Card, you can also use public transport operated by IVB in the city for free, as well as buses no 501, 503, 504, 456, 650, and 469 between Innsbruck and Hall in Tirol, the hop-on hop-off bus sightseeing bus, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds shuttle, the Nightliner, and tram no. 6 to Igls.

innsbruck card

Where to buy Innsbruck card

You can buy your Innsbruck card either online here or in the traditional way, in the tourist information center at Burggraben 3, in the Old Town (opening hours Monday-Saturday, 9.00 am – 6.00 pm, Sunday 9.00 am – 3.00 pm).

innsbruck card

How to use Innsbruck card

Once you have your Innsbruck Card, you only need to show the QR code in the ticket office of visited attractions – the clerk will scan it and give you a complimentary ticket you can use to enter the place.

To use the Hungerburg funicular and cable car to Hafelekarspitze, go directly to the entrance and scan your Innsbruck Card at the reel; there is no need to exchange your Innsbruck Card code for the actual ticket.

The same goes for public transport; in case of control, you just show your Innsbruck Card, which works as your ticket.

innsbruck card

How much I saved with Innsbruck card

Below is the list of attractions I visited in Innsbruck, with their regular price listed next to each of them (all of them were included in the Innsbruck Card, so I didn’t have to pay anything extra):

  • Hungerburg funicular and cable car to Hafelekarspitze – €44
  • The City Tower – €4,50
  • The Court Church and the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum – €12
  • Imperial Palace + Maximilian I exhibition – €15
  • Bergisel ski jumping hill – €11
  • Tirol Panorama Museum – €9
  • Ambras Castle – €16

Altogether, I visited eight places. Normally, I would have spent €111,50 on entrance fees and a few more Euros on public transport around the city. Instead, I only paid €63 for an Innsbruck Card, hence the €48,50 savings during my trip to Innsbruck.

There were a few more places I didn’t manage to visit as I ran out of time: Alpine Zoo, Swarovski Crystal Worlds, the Golden Roof Museum, and the City Archives. They are all included in the Innsbruck Card, too.

innsbruck card

innsbruck card

innsbruck card

innsbruck card

innsbruck card

innsbruck card

innsbruck card

Final thoughts on using Innsbruck card

As you can see, the Innsbruck Card is an excellent investment when visiting Innsbruck, especially if you plan to see more than just exteriors. There are so many great sites in the city; some of them hide real gems inside that are definitely worth seeing.

I was especially impressed with the Imperial Palace and the Court Church. At the same time, the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum and Ambras Castle were such a pleasant surprise.

I can definitely recommend everyone purchasing the Innsbruck Card for your trip as not only will you save money on numerous attractions, but it will also push you to see more than you originally planned. And you might be surprised by all the gems this city hides! You can read more about amazing things to do in Innsbruck in my article here.

innsbruck card

innsbruck card

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    05/09/2023 at 00:45

    I totally agree. I visited a few years ago. I rarely get a tourist card when traveling, but this one was totally worth it. I also made it to the Swarovski Crystal World, amazing. Great post!

    • Reply
      11/09/2023 at 12:27

      Thanks! I didn’t have enough time to visit all the attractions in Innsbruck so I saved Swarovsky Crystal World for the next trip. But this card was such a great investment, I can definitely recommend it!

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