Discovering Poland: off the path Suwalszczyzna

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Few years ago I developed a huge interest in Eastern Poland. It’s still unspoiled, the air is so fresh, people are the friendliest and overall it often feels the time has stoped there 10 or 20 years ago. That’s also where various cultures and religions meet. There’re Lithuanian or Belrussian communities, small Orthodox churches can be found in every second village. Slowly but steadily I try to discover this unique part of Poland and with each visit I fall in love with it more and more.


So when I had a chance to visit Suwalszczyzna for few days in summer I didn’t hesitate too much. I’ve heard so many times how amazing it is that I just couldn’t miss such a chance. I saw it only once before, when I took the train from Lithuanian border back to Warsaw and I was passing Suwalszczyzna by. Even if ti was a grey, autumn day the landscape looked pretty amazing, rolling hills with many forest and fields, every now and then there was a small lake too… pure beauty.


In the middle of summer it looked so much better! I was surrounded by the intense green colour and everything around me was so quite and peaceful… All the lakes that are spread around Suwalszczyzna were so clear you could easily see animals living in them. The same goes for the rivers – even if they were 8 or so meters deep it looked like you could touch the ground… No wonder this area is called “green lungs of Poland”. The nature – one of the main reasons to travel to Poland – is simply stunning here


Suwalszczyzna isn’t the area with many important monuments of historical value but it is definitely a place to relax and recharge your batteries. The peace and calmness of the place make you feel so much better right away! You can spend the time walking slowly around or reading a book by the lake but there’re also more active options available, such as canoeing (so much fun!), sailing on the lakes, riding a bike or visiting Wigierski National Park.


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Even if I’ve spent only few days there I fall in love with the place and I hope to visit it again. Now I understand very well everyone who is a big enthusiast of this area, it’s really hard not to like it. So when you’re tired after visiting Warsaw, Gdańsk or Vilnius it makes a perfect getaway to slow down, relax a little bit, breath in some fresh air and recharge your batteries.


Do you like nature getaways too?


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