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  • alternative Skopje

    Alternative Skopje

    I had pretty high hopes for the capital of Macedonia and especially alternative Skopje sights. After all every Balkan city has a really big potential when it comes to quirkiness and…

  • Novi Sad Serbia

    Novi Sad, Serbia in pictures

    Year 2014 was when I wandered around lots of beautiful yet unknown cities in Central Europe. After falling in love with Brno Czech Republic and rediscovered Graz Austria, Ljubljana Slovenia or Zagreb…

  • Croatia

    Photo walk through street art Zagreb

    After seeing how great the street art scene is in Ljubljana or Belgrade I had big hopes for street art Zagreb as well. But to my big disappointment I wasn’t attacked…

  • Slovenia

    Alternative Ljubljana

    I really believe that Ljubljana is probably the most underrated capital city in Europe. The main city of Slovenia is not only extremely beautiful and charming but it has so much…

  • Croatia

    Alternative Zagreb guide

    For past few months Zagreb was very often on my mind. For the reason I can’t fully explain I felt like it’s such a great and underrated destination that deserved much…

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