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  • Israel

    Sunrise hike to Masada

    The alarm clock brutally cut through my sleep. I needed few moments to realize where I am and what’s happening. The night was at its best, it was barely 3.30 a.m.…

  • Israel Palestine

    Scenes from the West Bank

    The name “West Bank” usually brings all sort of negative emotions to people: fear, confusion, questioning. And I get it as that’s what media do to us, showing only unfortunate events,…

  • South Africa

    Is South Africa safe?

    “Are you crazy? You’re gonna get raped,  robbed and killed!” That was the very first reaction when I told people I’m going to South Africa, and that I’m going on my…

  • South Africa

    Two faces of Knysna, South Africa

    I don’t even remember why I included Knysna in my South African itinerary. Guess I just needed a nice, relaxing stop after the crazy BazBus ride through South Africa and before…

  • Israel

    Charming Acre, Israel in pictures

    One of the places I knew I have to visit in Israel was Akko/Acre. Narrow winding lanes capped with arches remembering Crusaders times, the Old Town surrounded by the impressive wall,…

  • Israel

    Reasons to visit Nazareth

    … and stay there longer than just few hours! Nazareth is one of the most visited places in Israel yet only 3% of tourists stay there overnight. And that’s such a…

  • Israel

    Faces of Jisr az Zarqa

    As you could see in my last post I had a wonderful time in Jisr az Zarqa – a forgotten Arab town located on the picturesque shore of the Mediterranean Sea.…

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