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Żyrardów – a perfect day trip from Warsaw

My list of places to visit in Poland is probably as long as of those abroad. There’s Gdynia, Toruń, Bielsko-Biała or Wałbrzych on it. But there’re also destinations much closer that can be visited as a day trip from Warsaw. Żyrardów was one of them. The town seems to be one of the most underrated tourist destinations in Central Poland, I know maybe three people who were there yet it really is full of great places and so worth a visit. Even if it’s located only 45kms away from Warsaw, it feels and looks completely different!

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Żyrardów day trip from Warsaw

Short history of Zyrardow

Żyrardów was founded in 1833 as a textile factory and is the only city in Europe that was set up for this purpose. The first technical director of the factory was a talented French engineer Filip de Girard who gave the name to the city. But the biggest development and the golden era of Żyrardów was in the second half of the 19th century when two German industrialists were in charge of the factory. That’s when the town was the European center of flax production, with the biggest and most modern factory in the whole continent. Żyrardów is a perfect city that was first wisely design and then consistently built – the whole process took over 50 years but still today the result is really impressive. The town was even rewarded with the Grand Prix at the Paris 1900 World’s Fair. Until now The surroundings of the factories are full of identical red-brick houses standing in the perfect rows.

Life in Zyrardow

Żyrardów was a living factory, the whole history and everyday reality of the town was about it, the majority of the inhabitants were somehow connected to it and every aspect of life was planned and taken care of there. The last factory was closed in 1999 (few enthusiast tried to save the production and now a small jaquard line is being produced). After years of struggling the industrial sights are being revitalized and the town, with its unique architecture and urban planning, is becoming a small gem. Former factories now serve as restaurants, galleries, shops or lofts, giving the place a new life.

Discovering Zyrardow on the day trip from Warsaw

The walk around the town takes 2-3 hours, a perfect time to discover all the sights without getting too tired. The first encounter with the industrial past are the quarters of solid, brick houses, surrounded by green spaces. It feels like the life goes slowly there and all the neighbors are like a big community. When I peaked inside the yards people were enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon outside, kids were playing around and it just looked like a perfect summer scene.

A little bit further there’s the main square of Żyrardów – at one side there’s a beautiful Gothic church (some sources say it was supposed to resemble the cathedral in Cologne), on the other – the most impressive factory in the whole town. The Spinning Plant now is the heart of the town and it’s as beautiful as ever. These days it serves as a shopping center and loft houses – I myself wouldn’t mind living in such an incredible place! But it takes few steps to the back to see more edgy face of Żyrardów, where former industrial sights are still decaying, waiting for investors to turn them into gems. But for me there’s some magic in rusty, abandoned factories and I just couldn’t get enough of the place, it was incredible! To make the place even more perfect there was a beautiful neon sign “Stella” on one of the buildings and a fading mural showing fathers of Żyrardów’s success – Karol Dittrich and Karol Hielle.

But the highlight of Żyrardów was yet another abandoned factory, located a little bit aside, close to residential villas. The brick walls are overgrown with plants, the windows glass is broken and the place feels kind of spooky. So good that my friend and fellow blogger Evi has decided to join me for this trip as I’d be freaking out if I visited the place on my own, especially that we haven’t seen a single person there. But that kind of made the whole place even more awesome and exciting!

My impressions from visiting Zyrardow

It’s funny how we are travel the world in seek of adventure and amazing places yet they sometimes are right at our foot. And that was the story with Żyrardów. When I excitedly told my friends about the trip there they all looked confused, questioning my choice of destination. But as it turned out no one knew how many gems are hidden in Żyrardów. Even my workmate who lives there was surprised how much I enjoyed his hometown because, according to him, there’s nothing special there. Well, it’s great to travel the world and explore far away places but it’s even better to discover amazing spots around us! And now I definitely want to see more and more of Poland!

Day trip from Warsaw to Zyrardow – practical information

There’re frequent train connections between Warsaw and Żyrardów, the journey takes around 1 hour and the ticket costs 11pln (less than 3€). To make the best out of this day trip from Warsaw visit the official website of Żyrardów and download the map with a walking route – it’s the best way to discover the town! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you’ll walk, a lot, often on cobblestones or paths without an asphalt.

Do you often go for the day trips to nearby places? Do you like industrial sights? Would you like to visit Żyrardów?

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  1. jest super – taka namiastka Łodzi :)

  2. Lubiłam tam mieszkać

  3. Zachęciłaś mnie bardzo.

  4. Idealne miejsce na trenowanie umiejętności fotograficznych :) Mega urokliwe!

  5. I love those red bricks! I’ve always associated this kind of architecture with former Prussian parts of Poland, had no idea you can find such beauties near Warsaw…
    Darek latest post…Kino australijskie: Znane aktorkiMy Profile

    • kami
      20:27 28/07/2015

      I was really surprised when I visited Żyrardów for the first time too! Such a lovely city it is, and so not popular among tourists!

  6. Momentami kompletnie zapuszcozne, chodzi o to żeby było ‘autentycznie’?:)

  7. Z pozoru suche mury, ale pewnie to mury z historia

  8. Fajnie odkrywać Polskę na nowo (z mojego końca świata) :)

  9. Z Żyrardowem jestem związana od lat. Przez wiele lat mieszkali tam moi dziadkowie, mój tata spędził tam swoje dzieciństwo i młodość. Często jeździłam tam jako dziecko. Gdy po kilkunastu latach wróciłam do Żyrardowa wiosną tego roku, oniemiałam z wrażenia. Jednak bielnik, tak jak napisałaś, robi czasami straszne wrażenie. Ty nie spotkałaś nikogo, a mnie próbowało zaczepiać dwóch łebków w aucie, choć mój mąż i dzieciaki byli po drugiej stronie ulicy. To miejsce trochę jak warszawska Praga – piękna i interesująca, ale wciąż jeszcze nie do końca okiełznana.

    • kami
      20:31 28/07/2015

      no własnie z Pragą mi się tak bardzo Żyrardów kojarzył! Klimat i zabudowa podobne! Szkoda, że tam średnio z bezpieczeństwem bywa, bo to miejsce ma tak wielki potencjał!!

  10. Small but very beautiful place :)

  11. I have heard the name Żyrardów before, but if I were to actually describe what or where it is, I would be lost. I had no idea that it had such close ties with textile industry. I do love the red-brick buildings and their atmosphere.
    Karolina latest post…Valletta, czyli miasto wielkiego mistrzaMy Profile

    • kami
      20:35 28/07/2015

      unfortunately it’s not the most popular place in Poland and it still has somehow bad reputation. Which is a big shame as the town is really interesting, very beautiful and so worth a visit!

  12. I have never heard about this place but still it looks cool. I like the old factories, it’d be such a great decoration for a movie. Or better i’d plan a second life for them ’cause there’s a big potential in it. Good to know about places like this one! :)
    sekulada.com latest post…Legendy Toledańskie (Toledo, Hiszpania)My Profile

    • kami
      20:44 28/07/2015

      fortunately the local authorities give them a second life but the whole process goes very slow due to the lack of money. But the fact that they understand their potential is already a good sign :)

  13. wybieramy się tam od ładnych kilku lat i nadal nie możemy dojechać!

  14. Pół świata zastanawia się teraz jak to przeczytać… zshyrardoov?

  15. Here is the thing… there is so much places to see in Poland and we keep exploring the world without knowing the places around us! Good job! :)
    Marcin Wesołowski latest post…Jad Waszem. Instytut Pamięci Męczenników i Bohaterów Holokaustu w JerozolimieMy Profile

    • kami
      20:46 28/07/2015

      I always keep telling that Poland is just as interesting as every other country and I try to encourage people to explore it as well!

  16. Sarah
    17:08 26/07/2017

    Thanks for the tip, Kami! I ventured here from Warsaw today and had a really pleasant few hours wandering around. What a fascinating and lovely little city! There’s something about all of the red brick that’s almost mesmerizing. I also fell in love with Dettrich Park — I could have spent the whole day there reading. :) By the way, the map with the walking tour is also available at the tourist info centre at the Resursa building (1 Maja, No. 45) — which is an easy walk from the train station.

    • kami
      20:28 21/08/2017

      I’m really glad you liked it! I think Żyrardów is the best day trip from Warsaw – nearby, with good connections and so different than Warsaw! Thanks for letting me know about the maps! :)

  17. Magda
    09:57 13/12/2017

    I didn’t expect that Żyrardów could be so interesting. So maybe one day i also will go with my friends, who are often visiting me. Honestly ideas for attractions had finished, so this one i like so much. Also when it will be summer, zalew Zegrzyński also will be a very good idea!

    • kami
      22:27 22/12/2017

      I can definitely recommend Żyrardów – it’s such an easy and interesting day trip from Warsaw! I bet your friends would enjoy it too!

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