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Why we love Mediterranean towns

(Last Updated On: 14/03/2017)
As a person who grew up in the country with long and wide sandy beaches I didn’t really understand the whole craziness about the Mediterranean places. Beach-wise this area is really bad. It’s too crowded and with too many stones that make walking along quite a challenge (but ok, the water is blissfully warm!). However the towns along the Mediterranean cost are quite a different story. They are the most charming ever, wander around and getting lost there is the pure pleasure! So here is my list of reasons why everyone just love Mediterranean towns (based on French Riviera’s example)

beautiful location, with high mountains and turquoise sea


Almost everywhere in the Mediterranean the mountains meet the sea. And not just any mountains but pretty spectacular, high ones slope down dramatically to the water. The sea over there has such an amazing colour you don’t believe it’s actually real and you end up staring at it in amazement for few minutes. There are not so many places where the nature did its work so good!

narrow, cobbled streets, easy to get lost in with laundry hanging above your head


The Mediterranean towns are the most charming ever. They usually are a maze of narrow, cobbled streets, with flower pots next to the door and with the laundry (usually white bedclothes) hanging above. And almost always there are cats crossing your way!



It’s amazing how colourful these towns are! Basically each house is painted in bright, usually yellow, red or orange. It makes Mediterranean towns a happy place just because of that!

fancy atmosphere


For some reason long time ago all the rich and famous chose the French Riviera for their favourite holiday spot. Even if now they relax on private beaches it’s still not hard to nottice a well known face in Cannes or Monte Carlo. That just gives up to the overall sophisticated charm


Media personalities aren’t the only one who fall for the Mediterranean. Quite many world famous artists (such as Picasso) chose this area as their home and inspiration for their work. Across many towns in French Riviera there’re images of famous paintings portreting this very place.

history, architecture


The Mediterranean area is not only extremely beautiful but also full of history and interesting architecture. In many places there’re castles, old churches or the old city walls. In Villefranche sur Mer you can find an unique “Rue Obscure” – a hidden passage that goes under houses and dates back to XIIIth century. It was one of the coolest places I’ve seen in the Mediterranean

*it’s a quirky place!


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All of the reasons mentioned above plus the fact that one of the smallest and richest countries is there make Maediterranean not your typical destination but a quirky and extremely interesting place. Despite the really bad beaches it’s really worth considering it as a place to explore. Just maybe not in the summer season!

Do you like Mediterranean towns too? Why?

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There are 12 Comments.

  1. Empty Rucksack
    08:10 19/04/2014

    What a beautiful post. I could feel the Mediterranean air and almost tasted the sun dried tomato. I agree Mediterranean invites us again n again.

  2. Lizzie
    14:00 19/02/2015

    You are spot on! Everyone loves Mediterranean towns. I know I’m definitely a sucker for their charm :D

  3. Samantha at Our Traveling Blog
    01:50 03/01/2016

    I am sitting here in cold Colorado and the water is now calling my name, lol. We have been to Monte Carlo and couple of times and longing to go back. Thanks for the happy memories and the thought of warm water and beaches, :)

    • kami
      23:33 07/01/2016

      I’m glad I could help, even if in such a silly way :)

  4. Lee Hamilton
    22:49 07/02/2016

    I am going there later this year so looking forward to it.Thanks for the lovely pics just makes me want to go there even more.

    • kami
      22:24 15/02/2016

      nice! Where exactly are you going to? It’s such a beautiful area!

  5. croatiaholidays
    20:29 31/03/2017

    Z Monaco przypomina nam się obrazek krętych ulic, którymi odbywa się wyścig F1, na których stał zaparkowany polski maluch, który wzbudził euforię wśród naszych rodaków. Oprócz tego warto zobaczyć choć zewnątrz sławne kasyna, dla zainteresowanych stadion i osobiście polecamy nieduży park botaniczny, w którym można się trochę schronić przed słońcem. Jest tam też jaskinia, do której można wejść.

  6. Ramon Perez
    21:20 22/11/2017

    if you dont show youself in photo, people can think maybe you never been there.

    • kami
      22:10 22/12/2017

      I’m on many pictures on this blog, I just prefer to show the place, not myself.

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