Let me help you with travel planning!

Unfortunately, I had to put my travel planning services on hold due to numerous other projects and the lack of time. But if you are thinking of visiting the Balkans, former USSR and Central/Eastern Europe you should join my Facebook group dedicated to traveling in these regions. It is a wonderful community that will help you prepare for your trip. Click here to join the group! Do you dream of visiting off the path places, still unknown to many? Would you like to explore Central and Eastern Europe or the Balkans but you don’t know where to start with travel planning? I’m here to help you! Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans are some of the most interesting areas of the world. The diversity here is enormous and never stops to impress me! You will find various cultures, languages and religions in such a small area. This is truly where East meets West. Travelling around might be slightly challenging but is also very rewarding. You will discover small, charming places that not many have heard of, you will submerge yourself in getting to know unique cultures and cuisines and most of all you will have a wonderful time! I … Continue reading Let me help you with travel planning!