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Unfortunately, I had to put my travel planning services on hold due to numerous other projects and the lack of time. But if you are thinking of visiting the Balkans, former USSR and Central/Eastern Europe you should join my Facebook group dedicated to traveling in these regions. It is a wonderful community that will help you prepare for your trip. Click here to join the group!

Do you dream of visiting off the path places, still unknown to many? Would you like to explore Central and Eastern Europe or the Balkans but you don’t know where to start with travel planning? I’m here to help you!

Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans are some of the most interesting areas of the world. The diversity here is enormous and never stops to impress me! You will find various cultures, languages and religions in such a small area. This is truly where East meets West. Travelling around might be slightly challenging but is also very rewarding. You will discover small, charming places that not many have heard of, you will submerge yourself in getting to know unique cultures and cuisines and most of all you will have a wonderful time!

I was born and raised in Poland and have been exploring the area around for some 20 years now. I know Central and Eastern Europe inside out and I’m a very frequent visitor to the Balkans too. I try to share my passion for these regions on the blog, showing you less known places and the overall awesomeness of them. I also know that I passed on my enthiusasm to some of you which I’m really happy about! Now I want to offer you something more!

Travel planning can be challenging and time consuming. It is even more demanding here, in Central and Eastern Europe or the Balkans. Many times I’ve spent hours preparing for the trip, trying to find all the informations I need. Now, with years of experience, I know many sources, routes and tourist attractions by heart and I will gladly pass my knowledge to you!

For a small fee I can help you with planning your trip to these regions! We will talk, you will tell me your interests, places you’d like to visit, days you’d like to spend travelling and I will create the perfect itinerary for you, with all the practical informations you might need.

I will take care of accommodation, transportation, tourist attractions, opening hours, places to eat and drink. I will also add some of my exclusive tips about places you’d visit! You will get full itinerary with all the informations you might need and links to book best deals on transportation and accommodation!

If you already have a plan in mind but would like to consult it with an expert I’ll be happy to help too. I’m flexible and can help you with your travel plans in any way you need!

I’m good at planning, that’s what I do for a living after all, but travel planning is my favourite part, I do it with passion and I can guarantee you I will do my best for your holidays to be amazing, at least at this stage!

Interested? Message me at kamilanapora@gmail.com and we will discuss the details!

Here is what others, that I’ve already helped out, say about my services:

“Kamila helped me plan a trip to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland and I highly recommend her services.
For a small fee, she collaborated with me to create an itinerary that was just fabulous! She planned the route, provided several suggestions for accommodations, restaurants, and things to do in each place we visited, and when the itinerary was finalized, she emailed offline maps to use for driving, finding restaurants, things to do, and more.

The amount of work she put into planning this trip was incredible! I could never have planned such a great trip without her help and it was so helpful to have an expert assisting me with all the details. Everything she suggested, from places to visit, the route, accommodations, and more, was fabulous!

It was so worth it to have her help me plan this trip! If you need help planning a trip, hire Kamila to help you. Her knowledge, expertise and dedication to making sure the trip meets your needs is invaluable!”
– Irene, Canada

“The itinerary you arranged for us was excellent. The times allowed in each of the stops was adequate to have a good look around and get to know the town or city.”
– Robert, Australia

Below you can see a little preview of amazing places that wait for you!

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