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Thinking of Vienna…

(Last Updated On: 25/08/2017)

When buying my ticket for Vienna – Rome train in 2 weeks (my flight to South Africa is departing from Rome) I immediately started thinking that it’s been way too long since I have been to this amazing place in Austria. It was one of the first cities I ever visited abroad, back in 2000, and I kept returning there ever since. I spent there quite a lot of time hanging out with the local friends and discovering not only the incredible old parts of Vienna but also random places spread all over the city. Very quickly Vienna got a special place in my heart and I’ve felt there like at home. And spending there New Year’s Eve in 2007, dancing waltz at midnight together with hundreds other, happy people in front of the beautiful Town Hall must be one of my favorite travel memories!

Vienna tram
The last time I visited Vienna properly was almost 5 years ago, in January 2009… I can’t believe how fast the time goes, it feels like it was just yesterday that I was strolling down the cobbled streets, imagining the life back in the time of Sisi or explored the wonderful cafe scene of Vienna. Since then I stopped in this city couple of times but it was always only on the way to/from somewhere and all I saw were train stations and airports…


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Since I got a serious travel bug to return to Vienna, even if just for few hours to breath in its cosmopolitan atmosphere and have a coffee and cake in one of the old-fashioned cafes, I’m really considering including it somehow in my South African adventure.

Have you been to Vienna? Would you like to go?


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23 Paź '13

There are 10 Comments.

  1. jdomb
    23:41 25/10/2013

    It's been 4 years since we were in Vienna. We went the first year we moved to Italy for the Christmas markets.

  2. Paul Marshman
    21:11 29/10/2013

    Thanks for the introduction to Vienna. I'm going there for four days next month — just starting to make my plans. Do you have a favourite spot to visit there, and did you find a good budget hotel near the downtown?

    • Barbara Cacao
      21:50 29/10/2013

      Paul, try one of those budget hotels in Vienna, I think they are good value for money: http://www.vienna-unwrapped.com/cheap-hotels-in-v

    • Kamischka
      11:58 04/11/2013

      unfortunately I can't recommend you a hotel as I always stayed with friends there. But there are plenty of options so I'm sure you'll find something decent there! Vienna is an amazing city, I especially like Schoenbrunn Park and the Palace. It's a little bit outside of the center but definitely worth a trip there!

  3. Barbara Cacao
    21:47 29/10/2013

    Hi Kami,thanks for your nostalgic thoughts about my hometown. It's lovely to discover exactly what about Vienna makes people love it. I have just updated my page about New Year's Eve in Vienna. I'll spend Christmas there and can't wait.

  4. Adelina Wong
    14:35 30/10/2013

    I love Vienna for all the reasons you've described. It's a joy to discover. I've been 3 times in various seasons and I can't wait to go back.

  5. Trish Velarmino
    20:47 30/10/2013

    Never been there during winter. I don't think I will survive!

  6. Ola M
    03:47 01/08/2014

    I love Vienna! I was there only once but that was enough to completely fall in love with the place :) There is so much history and the unique atmosphere :) I hope I'll return there soon :)

  7. Epepa
    10:10 16/02/2016

    Oh, my beautiful Vienna! I have spent one year there and everytime I visit this city, it feels like going home after too long journey. One day I will go back there.

    • kami
      08:03 23/02/2016

      I bet living there must have been amazing! Such a wonderful city it is!

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