Things to do off the beaten track in Tenerife

(Last Updated On: 16/02/2017)
Away from the crowded tourist hotspots and British-style bars lies one of the most beguiling islands in Europe. With a unique geography and rich culture there is much, much more to Tenerife than the resorts. In fact, the island has some wonderful less-seen wonders just waiting for you to discover. Take a trip away from the beaten path and enjoy the best of the Canary Islands on Tenerife.


Scale the Anaga mountains

Tenerife is known for its mountainous terrain especially the soaring Mount Tiede. While most visitors to the island are more interested in the beaches and plam tree-lined promenades, you can enjoy a new perspective of the island from the Anaga Mountains. Found at the northern tip of the island, the highest point Cruz de Taborno offers an invigorating hike and the distinctive Roque de Taborno is nearby and seeing in person. Look out for the many beautiful traditional villages dotted between the peaks.

Swim in the Garachico rock pools

Go for a dip in the scenic rock pools in the town of Garachico. Created by a volcanic eruption in 1706, the pools have since been fashioned into seawater swimming pools perfect for a dip. Just remember to stick to the pools and stay away from the Atlantic swells! Once you’ve dried off you’ll discover one of the most picturesque towns on the island.

Visit the islands old capital

For some reason many visitors never make it as far as the Tenerife’s former capital La Lagunas. Easily the most beautiful city on the island, and a world heritage site to boost, La Lagunas is a rewarding destination for anyone wanting the authentic Canarian experience. Its historic streets are lined with beautiful pastel-coloured buildings and 17th century traditional Spanish architecture.


Hike through the Corona Forestal Natural Park

Take in some of the breathtaking views of Mount Teide and enjoy the lush forest that surrounds the mountain in the Corona Forestal Natural Park. With the combination of mountain vegetation, pine groves, deep ravines, and abundant wildlife, this nature reserve is a must visit for those who want to experience the wild heart of Tenerife.

Get lost in Los Silos

With tapering avenues too small for coaches full of tourists, the qauint town of Los Silos is the ideal place to escape the crowds. Close to the more storied town of Garachicos to the east, Lost Silos is rich in local culture and hosts its own storytelling festival. Make sure you visit the farmers market and try some of the tapas!

Images by Moisés Cabello & Nacho Pintos used under Creative Commons license.

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