The place you must visit – Aran Islands

(Last Updated On: 14/03/2017)
Once you’re in Ireland you simply cannot miss the western part of the country around the city of Galways as well as the city itself. And once you are there you just have to go to Aran Islands! It’s really easy to get there from Galway as there’re tour operators offering a ticket for both the bus and then the ferry. It takes a while to get there but it’s so worth it!


Once you get to Innismore island (as you’re most likely to end up there, it’s the biggest one of the archipelago) you’ll nottice everyone heading in the right direction. We however went left and that was the right choice. Apparently there’re more interesting things to see in the other part of the island but that’s also where all the tourists are so they’re most likely to spoil the whole experience. And if you go left you won’t regret it either! You can rent a bike to explore the island but we’ve decided to hike around and it was a right decision too. I highly doubt we would be able to jump over the stone walls with the bikes. And we had to do that surprisingly many times ;)


Our first stop was Teampall Bhean’in known also as the smallest church in Ireland. It was built back in 7th century and it really is tiny! Sadly there’re only ruins left but it’s still worth climbing the hill to see it – if not for the church itself than for the view. If you’re lucky with the weather you can even see Cliffs of Moher from there! Also, be careful when jumping over the stone walls – there might be goats on the other side, looking dumbly at you!


Then we went to explore a large beach next to the airport. It was pretty lovely, with clear blue water and a nice view of the neighbour island, Inis Meain. And there were small little crabs walking along.


Finally we went to explore the cliffs. They were not as spectacular as Cliffs of Moher but still I was really impressed. With no one around we could easily explore the area. There were ruins of the old fort, amazing nature formations and the ocean – what more can you wish for? With no doubts it was my favourite place in the island.


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But just walking around is already a great experience there. Interesting landscape, amazing views, small winding roads… You won’t feel the time passing by and will be truly surprised when the time to catch the ferry back to the mainland Ireland will come!












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  • Reply
    Pierre V
    13/12/2017 at 07:28

    I enjoyed seeing what Inis Mor looked like under blue skies…it was not such a nice day when I visited in 2014, but at least it did not rain until I was on the ferry back to the mainland. I rented a bike while on the island and found it to be very helpful for reaching some of the hidden sights.

    • Reply
      22/12/2017 at 22:25

      Bike must be a fun way to explore Aran Islands! Next time I visit I will definitely do that too!

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