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  • China

    Shanghai my new love

    Before I even went for this trip I subconsciously knew I’ll like Shanghai the most. I don’t know why but I always had a thing for modern cities with tall skyscrapers…

  • China

    Beijing hidden gem – Nanluoguxiang

    During my stay in Beijing I visited most of the popular tourists attractions: the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace or the Temple of Heaven. They were all nice and…

  • China

    Beijing metro guide

    oh, Beijing metro… we’ve been knowing each other only for 4 days but I’ve already developed a love-hate relationship with you! You’re awesome, really! With your seven lines covering the whole…

  • China

    A great Great Wall

    When in Beijing a day trip to the Great Wall is a must. There’re so many day tours possibilities to choose from but apparently most of them are scams and you…

  • China

    First impressions of China

    I might have visited a lot of different countries but all of them were in Europe (ok, I’m confused about Georgia, Armenia and Turkey but I consider them as Europe even…

  • Norway

    How to survive a cold March night in Bergen

    Norway is an extremely expensive country, everyone knows that. But it’s also the country with one of the most spectacular and breathtaking views in the world. Fjords, mountains, rocky seashores, waterfalls,…

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