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  • China

    What annoyed me in China

    Before I start properly I need to clarify one thing: this post is nothing personal against one person or another. I know some people from China who used to study with…

  • China

    The (in)famous Shanghai scam

    Before I left to China I was fortunate enough to stumble upon some informations about the (in)famous tea ceremony scam in Shanghai. The scenario was more or less the same: non-Chinese…

  • Poland

    New Year walk along Vistula in Warsaw

    Bright, shining sun and perfectly clear blue sky woke me up on New Year’s Day. It was still fairly early, 11am, and I felt surprisingly fine, considering what day it was.…

  • Czech Republic

    Christmas markets in Prague

    I was really looking excited to spend few days in Prague. I haven’t been there for almost a year and that’s really a long time in my standards! Prague has been…

  • China

    Hard life of a vegetarian in China

    Eating out in China is a challenge, a huge one. Everyone wants to try a local food, preferably in one of the many street bars as they’re known for the most…

  • Croatia

    Croatia: Dubrovnik in one day

    When planning my Balkan trip I knew I have to somehow make it to Dubrovnik as well, even if it means seeing Dubrovnik in one day only. Everyone who has visited…

  • China

    …and then the China crisis came

    I’m not the person who has to deal with crisis while traveling, not very often at least. It may happen that I want to spend the day just relaxing instead of…

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