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  • cafes in bratislava

    5 best cafes in Bratislava, Slovakia

    It was crazy hot Sunday afternoon at the beginning of June. I’ve already spent hours on my way from Bulgaria to Poland and Bratislava was my last stop before catching the…

  • culture in Kosice

    Culture in Kosice

    In 2013 Kosice, as the first city in Slovakia, held the title of European Capital of Culture. And it was a well deserved award. The second biggest Slovak city, located in…

  • village underground lisbon

    Alternative Lisbon guide

    I always somehow knew that Lisbon is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Europe but also a place where the alternative culture is doing really well. I don’t…

  • alternative Porto

    Alternative Porto guide

    I was really looking forward to my return to Porto! From my previous visits there I remembered the city as an incredibly beautiful one but also kind of edgy and with…

  • alternative Skopje

    Alternative Skopje

    I had pretty high hopes for the capital of Macedonia and especially alternative Skopje sights. After all every Balkan city has a really big potential when it comes to quirkiness and…

  • best cafes in Prague
    Czech Republic

    Best cafes in Prague

    As my travel style has changed over the last few years the cafe culture has become a really important part of my time in every place I visit. And when it…

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