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  • Israel

    Charming Acre, Israel in pictures

    One of the places I knew I have to visit in Israel was Akko/Acre. Narrow winding lanes capped with arches remembering Crusaders times, the Old Town surrounded by the impressive wall,…

  • Israel

    Reasons to visit Nazareth

    … and stay there longer than just few hours! Nazareth is one of the most visited places in Israel yet only 3% of tourists stay there overnight. And that’s such a…

  • Israel Palestine

    Two sides of Hebron

    I visited many divided cities during my travels: Berlin, Sarajevo, Cieszyn, Nicosia just to name few. And each of them was a fascinating one, each left a huge impression on me…

  • Israel Jordan

    Israel border crossing

    Before I start telling you properly about my epic trip to Middle East (and there are some crazy adventures involved!) I’ll better answer all the questions and concerns how it really…

  • Cyprus

    Larnaca, Cyprus in pictures

    Most of my time in Cyprus I spent in Larnaca – 3rd biggest city in the island, located on the south-east coast. It just seemed like the most convenient location for…

  • Cyprus

    The ancient city of Kourion

    It’s weird, I’ve been to so many places already but I haven’t visited any major ancient place (these in Rome or Plovdiv, even if they were really awesome, still didn’t feel…

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