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  • 5 days in Malta - irinerary, Marsaxlokk

    5 days in Malta – my itinerary

    In recent years Malta has become one of the most popular summer destination among Poles (and especially among Polish travel bloggers). There are direct cheap flights from a couple of Polish…

  • Albania

    Impressions from visiting Albania

    Albania is the country I knew next to nothing about prior to my visit there (ok, maybe my knowledge of Moldova is even worse). But after hearing about so many people being impressed with…

  • Uruguay

    Impressions from Uruguay

    I have a confession to make. Before booking my tickets to South America I knew nothing about Uruguay, I couldn’t point the country on the map, I could only say it…

  • best time to visit Minsk, Belarus

    Visit Belarus – my impressions

    I didn’t have much expectations before I went to visit Belarus. Actually I had no expectations at all! Even if it’s a neighbour country of Poland and it takes only few…

  • Canada

    First impressions of Canada

    I must sadly admit I didn’t know much about Canada before coming here. I blame tv and media for that. We are bombed with all possible information and culture events from…

  • China

    First impressions of China

    I might have visited a lot of different countries but all of them were in Europe (ok, I’m confused about Georgia, Armenia and Turkey but I consider them as Europe even…

  • Serbia

    First impressions of Serbia

    Serbia is my country no 38 (when the hell did that happen?) and so far I must say I’m really positively surprised. Already when my flight was descending towards Belgrade airport…

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