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  • Lithuania

    Beautiful Rasos Cemetery in Vilnius

    For some reason that is unknown even to me I’m kind of fascinated with cemeteries. The calmness and stillness of the place, the spirit of old times, the emptiness – all…

  • Finland

    Neons of Helsinki in pictures

    I must admit I’ve never really notticed neons. For most of my life they were such an obvious, normal part of the world around me that I didn’t even think they…

  • Finland

    Bohemian Helsinki – Kallio

    I remember very clearly my first night in Finland. I was about to spend 5 months in this totally strange country, it was cold and dark and I was slightly frightened.…

  • Estonia

    Alternative Tallinn

    Even if I loved the Old Town in Tallinn big time I kind of felt that there’s more in the Estonian capital than just the beautiful medieval houses and churches. And…

  • Ukraine

    Flea market in Lviv

    I was walking around in Lviv, Ukraine on a sunny yet freezing Saturday morning and suddenly I stumbled on a small flea market right in the center yet a little bit…

  • Canada

    Bohemian Montreal – the Plateau

    If you are my frequent reader by now you probably have noticed that I have a thing for bohemian neighborhoods. There’s this artsy vibe, this creativity that I enjoy big time…

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