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Milan, Italy in pictures

(Last Updated On: 14/03/2017)
Milan – one of the most visited cities in Italy, the capital of the northern part of the country. Magnificent, sophisticated, beautiful, with Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele that never fail to take the breath away. But also a little bit overwhelming. I’ve visited Milan three times and I always enjoyed it a lot. But for some reason I also felt that something was missing there. Probably the overall vibe of the city was too fancy for my taste. Also it’s always crazy busy, with lots of people around. Always!

Few weeks ago I was in Milan one more time, this time for work. Fortunately the meeting ended earlier and I had some extra hours before heading to the airport. It was a Friday afternoon, sun was shining, you could feel the spring in the air. It was simply beautiful. People were sitting on the grass in the park, walking slowly around with ice cream in the hand or sipping coffee in the cafe. It seemed to me that life is good in Milan and I wished I could have stayed longer to enjoy the city more. I finally felt that I bounded with it.

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This visit to Milan, no matter how random it was, showed me that it’s worth giving a place a second (or fourth) chance. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to dig deeper to see the real face of the city or to find something that works for you there. If I get a chance to see Milan again I will gladly go there to explore more of it and to eat amazing Italian food that I just cannot say no to!





















Did you give another chance to a place and eventually liked it? Which one was that?

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