Lublin, Poland in pictures

(Last Updated On: 17/02/2023)
I personally think that Lublin is one of the most beautiful and most underrated cities in Poland. Located between Warsaw and the eastern border of the country it is the cultural, intellectual and economy center of the region. In past years I’ve been observing how many great events take place there, how fastly the city grows, how quickly it changes, how it opens up to tourists from all over the world. And that’s all very good as Lublin deserves all the greatness in the world!

Lublin is one of the oldest cities in Poland and it played an important role in the history. At the end of XIVth century it became a center of the Polish-Lithuanian trade and eventually that’s where the Union of Lublin was signed up, the document that created the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth – one of the largest countries in the Europe back in the time. The city was also the center for Jewish students and used to be called “the Jewish Oxford”. During the II World War Lublin suffered tremendously: the Jewish community was forced to live in the ghetto from where they were sent to concentration and extermination camps. One of such camps, Majdanek, is located in the city’s outskirts and a visit there is a traumatizing experience…

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I always liked visiting Lublin and wandering around the Old Town. It is one of the prietest I’ve ever seen – narrow, cobbled streets, backstreets hidding damaged courtyards, churches with the best examples of Baroque rich style, ruined houses (or beautifully restored ones)… I tried to be there as often as I could, just so I could enjoy the magical atmosphere of the place (and since Lublin is only 50kms away from my hometown I used to visit it on many various occasions). My recent walk there happened for no reason, I just felt like walking around with my camera a little bit and Lublin seemed to be a perfect place for that, especially that I haven’t been there for a while. It again changed a little bit, the Old Town attracts more and more people now. Also there were pictures of old residents of the city, hanging in the closed windows of empty houses – it made a perfect gallery showing the multicultural community that used to call Lublin their home…

Here you have couple of pictures from Lublin, isn’t it beautiful?























lublin pin (1)       lublin pin (2)

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