Staying in Touch with Family and Friends is important

When you go on a trip with a group it is always fun to keep in touch with everyone at home and share your adventures and stories. When you travel alone as a woman, it’s a different story. Of course you also want to share as much as you can, but there is also another side to it. Overall, people tend to worry more about a woman traveling halfway around the world by herself. Which means family members and friends might get worried sooner if they don’t hear anything from you. How can you keep everyone informed?

Update, update, update

During your travels, you’ll find that it’s quite easy to find a WiFi hotspot most of the time. It might get a bit harder when you’re traveling to more exotic places. Not only because WiFI hotspots are harder to find, also because finding one is not a guarantee for a good internet connection. But once you find the right spot, you can easily send mails and use social media. To summarize, in exotic places it can sometimes be more difficult to keep in touch with your family and friends. When you travel alone to a country far away, as mentioned above, people around you get worried easily. What if something happens to you? Will you be okay? So it is important not to make them worry about you. The next question is: what do you do when WiFi fails you?

Use a Prepaid Phone

The safest, easiest and most reliable way to keep in touch with your family and friends is to use a prepaid phone. You can buy a local prepaid SIM card of the country you are going to and charge it at offers over 300 carriers in more than 70 countries. Because it’s an easy to use online service, you can even recharge when you’re already on your trip. When you buy the credit, your phone gets recharged immediately. This way you are sure you can stay in touch with family and friends so that they know what you’ve been up to.

Extra Safety Tips

Now you know how to keep your family and friends up to date and let them know you’re safe and sound. I’ve previously mentioned that your loved ones might get worried more when you are a woman traveling alone. Ask female travelers and they’ll disagree with you, it’s not as dangerous as everyone seems to think. Just know where you are going and get prepared using the following 4 tips:

1. Scan all your important documents (driver’s license, passport, health card, visa) and email them to yourself and a family member or friend. If you lose something, you’ll always have a copy on hand and it will cause you less trouble.
2. Put your safety above anything else. At home you might be used to walking home alone at night, you take local bus rides to get around and prefer cheap hostels over hotels. But when you are abroad, these things that are normal for you, might not be the smartest choice to make.
3. Do your homework. Look for websites where people tell about their experiences when visiting a certain place abroad. This way you know that you should look for a taxi with a company’s logo in Istanbul if you want to reduce the risk of a fixed meter in the taxi and you’ll find out how to recognize scam artists.
4. Blend in with the crowd. Don’t look like the typical tourist and avoid becoming prey to pickpockets and getting harassed by people. Leave your backpack at home when visiting a busy city and don’t flash your camera everywhere. You’ll stand out less and will probably get left alone. Also, be mindful of certain rules and regulations (part of doing your homework) in the country you are visiting.

Stay in touch and enjoy your travels!


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  1. Josh
    16:51 17/09/2016

    I completely agree this is a great list. I’d like to add something if I could to your safety tips. When you meet someone or you start talking to someone, take a picture of that person and send it to a friend so they know what the person looks like you are with. Also when traveling, if you go visit somewhere you aren’t familiar with, take pictures of intersection street signs close to where you are staying, and pictures of any tall building or statues you can use as a reference point if you get lost.

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