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Get to know Polish travel bloggers: Ewa from Rusz w Podróż

Polish travel blogging world is a great community, full of incredible people who do amazing things. Too bad they are known only in our country, as they deserve so much more attention! Therefore I’ve decided to start a little project – from now on every 2-3 weeks I will introduce you to one of the Polish bloggers. They might write in our native language only but surely they are a really interesting bunch and I’m really proud to feature them in here! The first one is Ewa from the blog called “Rusz w Podróż” (try to read that out loud!). We’ve met on several occasions and were together in Berlin, those were fun times! Anyway, meet Ewa!

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Who are you, what do you do, some interesting facts about yourself.

Nothing interesting – work, work, business travel, work, travels, work ;)
But seriously, I’m quite average woman, doing kind of career in a huge corporation. The not so average thing is that I’m an addict. To travels. I kind of learnt it as a child and never stopped. And it’s like with everything. Longer you take harder to stop. But I don’t want to stop. So I travel. As much as possible. And I write about travels, because writing and taking photos are my two other addictions, only slightly smaller.

You’re working full time but you seem to be travelling much more than the average person. What would you recommend to people who want to compromise the full time job and travels?

It’s all matter of priorities. I never take 1 day off to do some administrative stuff or just visit some family. I don’t take any holidays if I don’t have a plan to travel. And I work overtime what gives me few days off more later ;) And usually it’s not only about time but also money. If your top priority is to see the world it’s much easier to resign from buying new dress every month, perfumes for $100, expensive drinks in the bar. After a while you recalculate every $ spent on number of days you could travel somewhere.

What is your blog about? What do you like to write about the most?

It’s hard to specify. I’ve fallen in love in Asia few years ago so many of my posts are about it. But there are also posts about Europe and North America. And a lot of them still waits for being written. But there is one common thing about all of them. I always travel on my own, without precise plan, usually alone. If not two or free exceptions I would say I always travel solo, but sometimes I meet people on my way I travel with for a while.

You’re a solo traveler too. Any tips to girls out there who are afraid to set off for their solo journeys?

Solo travelling is not for everyone. Not everyone can enjoy spending days alone. But if you do (and even if you don’t I recommend to try at least once) it can’t be easier. You don’t have to wait until your vacation plans match your friends vacation plans. You don’t have to negotiate destination and way you are spending your time. And it’s as safe as travelling with man. Of course, as always, you have to stay sane and careful, but people care more about solo women, they are more willing to help.

Do you miss anything while travelling solo?

I really enjoy solo travelling. It gives me freedom. But sometimes, when I read blogs of others, I feel that I can miss some places and some experience because of that. If there is few of you, you have different ideas, experience, you are looking for something different. And that way you can discover things you would never find on your own. You can share your experience with people that are there, do some funny stuff together or just take a photo without asking people around. But I’m not sure if I would like to exchange by travelling style for that.

When and why did you start blogging?

I tried few times. I started and I stopped seeing no visitors. Then I started and stopped again to focus on my other photography blog. Until “Podróże to prawdziwy lifestyle” (Travels are real lifestyle) blog action. I joined some group, got to know people and after few weeks I ended up in Sri Lanka. It’s best described country on my blog and the real start of blogging regularly. So I can say I started in January 2013. And why? I like writing. I used to be a journalist. And I like sharing my stories, helping people to start their own travels, showing that being solo girl doesn’t mean you have to stay home.

Are you traveling long time or just occasionally?

Only occasionally, at least now. I have full time job in Poland and mortgage in a bank. These two things…. No, the second thing, is very successful in keeping me from long term travelling.

Why do you travel? What inspires you to discover the world?

I was always very active, couldn’t stay too long in one place. At school I was missing classes to travel with my father across Europe. Then I started travelling on my own, mostly on short citybreaks, working and studying abroad. And few years ago I realized that I need to live my dreams and my dream was Thailand by then. That’s where it started to be addiction.

What’s the craziest / most adventurous / most memorable thing you’ve done while travelling?

Jumping from the cliff in Thailand. Going to middle of nowhere in North Sri Lanka with a guy from couchsurfing who – as I realized later – wanted to marry me. Trecking through totally dark, partially underwater, cave in Khao Sok National Park. Sitting on the edge of small rock near Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. Freezing night in the car with hail outside “only” to see sunrise from the Grand Canyon.

Your top 3 visited places and why?

Thailand. I just love that country. There are no better or worse places there, everything is amazing on its own way.
Rome. City where around each corner you can find something that is few thousand years old.
Japan. Because of culture and people that are so different, so shy sometimes, but amazingly helpful and hospitable.

Which place in Poland would you recommend and why?

I’m from Poznan so I wouldn’t be myself if I wouldn’t recommend Poznan and Greater Poland. We have here really nice city, a lot of nice and not-so-crowded lakes, Great Loop of Greater Poland where you can travel on the water for weeks. Beautiful forests and small cities, castles, palaces. Almost everything you may want to see.

Your next travel plans.

Why did you ask? ;) I’m in very strange moment of … not having travel plans. I don’t remember such moment for last few years. I know it won’t take me long and I think this time I want to discover South America as I haven’t been there yet.

Other Polish blogger you’d recommend to follow.

We have really great group of polish bloggers and there are many that are worth following. But most of them blog in polish. So… You ;), B*Anita, I saw pictures and recently discovered Bez Kalendarza. But most of all I would like to recommend visit on our page Blogipodroznicze.pl where you can find best polish travel bloggers.

Thank you Ewa for answering my questions and letting my readers get to know you better! 

You can visit Ewa’s blog and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Is there anything you’d like to ask Ewa about? 

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