Photo Post: Warsaw Christmas lights

(Last Updated On: 14/03/2017)
I know, I know. Christmas is long gone now, the weather is more autumn-ish than ever and probably everyone already forgot about the holiday season we’ve just had. I surely did. But I somehow didn’t manage to find the extra time to see the Christmas lights around Warsaw before and I always really enjoy the joyfull spirit in the city. So better late than never last Friday I went for the walk to the old town and I surely wasn’t disappointed. The Christmas lights always have been a big thing here and this year they were the best ever. Not only lamps and trees along the Royal Route were decorated but there were also huge gifts, candies and ornaments located randomly here and there. As always, the huge Christmas tree (with colour changing lights) is standing in front of the Royal Castle and it’s surrounded with even more gifts and candies! The lights, combined with old looking houses (since the old town was completely destroyed during the war and rebuilt recently), make a really fairytale view. If we only we had some snow to make it perfect…

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