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Photo Post: Uzupis Republic

(Last Updated On: 09/01/2017)
Vilnius happens to be one of my favorite European capitals. It’s small yet very rich in history and culture. The old town is one of the biggest medieval ones in Europe – the best spot to admire its enormity is from Gediminas’ Tower. Red rooftops, baroque churches, narrow streets, magnificent palaces – all of that makes Vilnius well worth a visit.

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But not far from the Old Town, across the Vilnia River, an unique place can be found – the self declared Republic of Uzupis. The place has been popular with artists for years hence the district is often compared with Parisian Montmarte or Christiania in Copenhagen. Walking down the streets of Uzupis feels like stepping back in time. The area is full of local shops, quirky cafes, galleries and workshops. The life goes much slower there and fortunately not too many tourists get to Uzupis so the district can keep its bohemian character unspoiled.

Republic of Uzupis, founded in 1997, also has its own constitution. It has 39 points,focusing mostly on every person’s rights to be happy and be themselves. You can read the whole constitution here.

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Uzupis is my must visit place during each visit in Lithuanian capital. It’s one of the places where I could easily live. If you enjoy such unique, bohemian, magical places then make sure to include Vilnius in your next itinerary. Just look at these pictures, it’s really hard not to fall in love with this place!














Would you like to visit Uzupis? Do you know other similar places? Share them in the comments!

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