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Old town of Chester, England in pictures

(Last Updated On: 14/03/2017)
At the very beginning of March, thanks to some really cheap tickets, I spent the weekend in England. Even if my flights were to/from Liverpool I didn’t limit myself only to this one place, no matter how good I felt there (I enjoyed Liverpool so much but that’s another story). One of the places I went to was Chester, a really old and picturesque city located just 40 minutes long train journey away from Liverpool. The city dates back to the year of 79 and you still can find some remains of these old times around the town, the amphitheatre and city walls being the best examples. The city is pleasant, pretty, nice to walk around. Main streets in the center  are so picturesque with the traditional Tudor black and white houses that place little shops. It’s such a perfect day trip destination that everyone who visits either Liverpool or Manchester should include it in the itinerary. Below pictures of the beautiful city of Chester















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There are 4 Comments.

  1. Notey A
    19:57 02/10/2015

    You capture it so well! I thoroughly enjoyed my day trip in Chester, Summer of last year. Thanks for sharing!!

    • kami
      21:43 05/10/2015

      Thank you for your nice words! I totally can see why you enjoyed it!

  2. Tom @ Adventurous Travels
    16:20 03/03/2017

    Great photos! If you liked Chester, also see St. Ives with its Mediterranean-looking beaches.

    • kami
      23:17 03/03/2017

      Thanks! Wrote it down so hopefully one day I will make it there :)

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