One of the oldest European towns – Plovdiv

(Last Updated On: 02/01/2018)
Plovdiv, which happens to be the second biggest city in Bulgaria, is also one of the oldest towns in Europe. Its history dates back to 4000BC, when the first Neolithic settlement appeared in the area. For centuries Plovdiv was under Thracian, Greek, Rome, Byzantine rule until 1885 when it became the part of Bulgaria.The city is located on seven hills, just like Rome. Its extremely rich history can be seen on every step. You can find there over 200 archeological sites, remainings of two ancient theatres, an Ottoman baths, a mosque or beautiful National Revival houses. Walking along narrow, paved streets full of art galleries or museums is simply a pleasure.

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Visiting Plovdiv can be done as a day trip from Sofia, the train takes around 2 hours one way and is not too expensive. That’s what I did and I enjoyed my every minute there. I only regret I didn’t have more time to better explore the city and the surrounding area that surely is really interesting too!








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