One of my dream destinations finally visited – Kotor, Montenegro

(Last Updated On: 26/02/2019)

Ever since I stumbled upon Kotor pictures couple of years ago I couldn’t stop thinking about this place. The magnificent mountains surrounding the fjord-alike bay seemed like the destinations I’d fall for. And so when I booked these flights to Belgrade I knew I have to plan the trip carefully so I could visit Kotor as well.

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I took the early morning bus from Bar to Kotor so I could have a lot of time to explore the town. Along the way I kept wondering how to spend a day in Kotor which made me even more excited! Already after coming out of the bus I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the place – high mountains stepping into the clear blue water, medieval walls surrounding Kotor old town with narrow streets… and lots of people that spoiled a little bit the whole experience. There were 2 big cruise ships as well as couple of coaches so the old town was filled with tourists.

Kotor, which is on the UNESCO World’s Heritage List, was founded in IX century and was an important place in the Balkans area ever since. The small yet very picturesque old town is full of important sights, such as churches, gates, clock tower or just the old urban architecture. The narrow streets are perfect to forget about the time and wander aimlessly around.

But the most important attraction of Kotor are the city walls climbing up to the St. John’s fortress. It is exhausting to climb all 1350 steps but the view from the top is so worth it. You can admire the whole town and the fjord surrounded by Lovcen mountains and believe me, it’s like a paradise view! If you wanna relax in the silence there’s a window alike hole in the wall, marked with a hiking trail signs, that will lead you to the small church and ruins of other buildings. It’s just few steps from the main trail but feels like a totally different place…

In the late afternoon, once the cruiseships and coaches are gone, Kotor is a completely different place. There’re only very few people wandering around, local people step into the city and that’s when I found the true magic of the place, the one I was dreaming about for years. So if you consider going to Kotor be sure to stay there overnight! I stayed at Hostel Old Town and it was really great – located within the city walls in the traditional house. I really could feel the true spirit of old Kotor! I just wish I had more time in Kotor to join one of the day tours to some of the best places in Montenegro (Durmitor National Park, Lovcen Mountains, rafting on Tara river just to name few) that 360 Monte offers!





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