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(Last Updated On: 08/03/2021)
There are couple of cities in Poland that are a must for every tourist, no matter if Polish or a foreigner. These include Kraków, Warszawa, Wrocław, Poznań, Toruń and Gdańsk. But, as it is in every other country, these cities are not one and only that are worth visiting. Lots of smaller, unknown destinations hide some real gems or are just pleasant enough to spend a lovely afternoon. And such in Bydgoszcz too.

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This 8th biggest Polish city, located in northern part of the country, close to Toruń (famous for its medieval old town, Nicolaus Copernicus and ginger cakes) may not seem to be very interesting at first. The area around the train station is grey, looks dangerous and lots of weird people can be seen around – that’s the case in most of the random cities in that part of Europe I guess. But it gets better and better when you get closer to the center and slowly you begin to realize your decision of visiting Bydgoszcz wasn’t all that bad.


The city dates back to XIIIth century and lots of historical buildings can be found there. Thanks to its location “on water”, with lots of canals of Brda river and with Vistula passing nearby, it used to be an important place on the transport trail. Recently renovated it has a really lovely look and behind every corner more and more interesting historical landmarks can be found.


I was in Bydgoszcz once before, when I was maybe 10 and only for 2 hours. The city didn’t leave any good impressions in my mind and so I was pretty wary with my expectations. But it turned out Bydgoszcz really has invested in tourism and is a great example of quaint city in this part of Europe. I really enjoyed walking around, discovering new places, admiring buildings from past centuries. The historical center covers a fairly big area so it took few hours to see it and I still missed couple of places. Sadly the weather didn’t help, it was  grey and misty but what can you expect from mid-December ;) But still these few hours made me want to return to Bydgoszcz once the weather is better, to see it in the full glow!


This year I’m motivated more than ever to spend lots of weekends travelling around Poland, re-discovering places I used to visit as a kid. Bydgoszcz was just the first one but in future you might expect some more posts about Poland here, with both popular and not really places.

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And for more pictures from misty Bydgoszcz visit Picasa gallery.

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