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My Malaysia bucket list

(Last Updated On: 11/10/2017)
This year has been all about returns for me. I’ve been travelling back to the places I’ve been to and enjoyed before: Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia or Ukraine just to name few. But for past couple of days I’ve had a strong wanderlust feeling to travel somewhere far away and exotic for me. I was even asking on my Facebook page for some suggestions of places I should visit. But then I was talking to a friend who is currently planning his first trip to Malaysia and I’ve figured this could be a good destination for me too! I did some googling around and came up with my own Malaysia bucket list, places I’d really like to visit in this Asian country I still have to learn a lot about.

So without further ado here is my personal Malaysia bucket list.

Kuala Lumpur

A hustling and bustling capital of Malaysia with a multicultural influences would be my first stop in the country. I’d love to explore the local culinary scene, especially the market place – it must be such a feast both for the eyes and for the palate! In the evening I’d go and see famous Petronas Towers – they look simply outstanding on the pictures! When visiting Kuala Lumpur I’d prefer to stay somewhere outside of the center to see how the normal live, away from the tourist crowds, look like – I’d book Sunway hotel on Traveloka Malaysia.


George Town

Even if most of the people come to George Town to explore the outstanding colonial place, my main reason would be the street art. The city seems to be one of the most creative spaces in Asia and one of my favorite street art artists Ernest Zacharevis did lots of works there (I could admire his murals in Vilnius or Warsaw and they were divine!). Of course I wouldn’t limit myself only to this, it’d be a shame to miss all that this UNESCO site has to offer.


This city, together with George Town, was listed on UNESCO and there’s a good reason behind it. There’s a peculiar colonial charm in the place and seeing all the red buildings make my heart beat faster. There are so many museums in Melacca that everyone would find something interesting for themselves, I’d also be occupied for solid few days there!


Cameron Highlands

My absolute must in Malaysia! I’m a huge tea fan and can’t imagine a day without drinking at least one cup of this delightful drink. Seeing the rows of tea growing and observing the whole production process would be like a dream coming true! I could easily spend few days exploring the area, not only at the tea plantations but also exploring the spectacular nature around.



After days of exploring Malaysia I’m sure I’d need some relaxing time and Langkawi seems to be a perfect place for some easy time at the beach. There’re 99 islands in the archipelago, one of them must be my paradise! With palm trees, sandy beaches and turquoise water Langkawi looks too beautiful to be true!

These are only couple of places I’d like to visit in Malaysia. But the list can go on and on with destinations like Taman Negara National Park, Kuching or Gunung Mulu National Park… There’re just too many interesting places in Malaysia and I’d need to spend solid few weeks there to see them all! But now that I have my bucket list ready I should start saving up for my ticket there and make this dream come true!

Have you been to Malaysia? What other places would you recommend me there?

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  1. miss tins
    12:09 23/09/2017

    its Langkawi, not Langawi.. i suggest add Sarawak and Sabah to your bucket list its another part of Malaysia…have a nice day

    • kami
      11:05 11/10/2017

      my mistake, sorry. Thank you for the recommendation!

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