17 Best Landmarks in Budapest, Hungary

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Budapest has grown in popularity in recent years as a top destination for tourists to visit. And with that, many of us want to know ‘What are the best landmarks in Budapest’?

I can only presume that you, too, are here to find more places to add to your Budapest bucket list. And I’m here to help. There’s no shortage of things to do in Budapest, from exploring the vibrant nightlife to getting lost on the charming streets. Budapest has it all!

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some of the top Budapest Landmarks worth checking out when visiting the Hungarian Capital.

The article was written by Laura from Live Adventure Travel.

budapest landmarks

Best Budapest landmarks

Buda Castle

First, I want to bring your attention to one of the most notable landmarks on Castle Hill, Buda Castle.
This is a stunning site, one I personally fell in love with on my first visit!

The castle was built in the 13th century and now sits as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And if I am being honest, it is easy to see why. Not only is the building itself beautiful, but so are the surrounding areas.

Those who have a particular interest in Galleries and Museums will really enjoy a trip to the castle. It’s the perfect place to admire both the country’s past and artistic creations.

However, if guided tours of the building are not of interest to you, I still recommend taking a trip to the iconic landmark, as the grounds are truly beautiful. Besides, who doesn’t want to admire 360 views of Budapest for FREE? Yes, that’s right, visiting the castle outside requires no admission.

budapest landmarks

Fisherman’s Bastion

Next, let’s discuss possibly one of the most beautiful landmarks Budapest has to offer: the Fisherman’s Bastion. This is a stunning terrace that looks out onto the city. And believe me when I say that visiting will give you a ‘pinch me, I’m dreaming’ moment as you take in the breathtaking views.

I’ve heard many describe it as something straight out of a fairytale. The neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque style influences really give off that magical feeling. The structure was built in the late 19th century and was named the Fisherman’s Bastion due to the guild of fishermen that defended the city walls in the Middle Ages.

Today, it is a popular spot among tourists who wish to get breathtaking pictures of the Budapest skyline. However, one word of advice: get there early! This spot can get extremely crowded throughout the day. I arrived at 7 am, thinking I would have the place to myself… I was wrong.

budapest landmarks

Matthias Church

Behind the Bastion lies Matthias Church, another one of Budapest’s striking landmarks, again demonstrating some storybook-like neo-gothic architecture. Now, many make the mistake of only visiting the outside of the church, but I’d advise making some time to see the inside, also. The colorful stained glass windows are like something out of a painting. I was mesmerized by them.

Visitors can also climb up the bell tower for incredible views of Budapest. This does cost a small fee, but it’s definitely worth every penny, in my opinion.

Apart from its beauty, Matthias Church also has a rich history, including being the site of coronations for Hungarian kings and queens. They also hold concerts in the church from time to time.

budapest landmarks

St. Stephen’s Basilica

Another note wordy landmark in Budapest that boasts incredible views of the city is St. Stephen’s Basilica. Now, you have been warned that if you want to admire the views from the top, you first have to climb 364 stairs, but the climb is 110% worth it. It is one of the only viewing platforms on the Pest side of the city.

This church is extremely big; it can hold over 8,500 people, making it the largest church in Hungary.
It is also home to one of the biggest church organs in Europe, meaning it is the ideal place to sit back and enjoy some of the many concerts held there throughout the year.

budapest landmarks

budapest landmarks

Hungarian Parliament Building

It’s no secret that one of the top things to do in Budapest is to visit the iconic parliament building. This famous landmark is well-known for a reason: the neo-Gothic building is something that will genuinely take your breath away. It has over 600 rooms, 20 kilometers of stairs, and over 200 statues. It is the 3rd largest parliament in the world and a hub for political activity in Hungary.

No trip to Budapest is complete without paying a visit to this incredible building, whether you choose to take a tour or simply admire it from the outside. It’s definitely something that should be on everyone’s Budapest itinerary.

budapest landmarks

Gellért Hill

If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, make your way to Gellért Hill. A beautiful city park where you can admire the incredible views.

What I like the most about Gellért Hill is the different city viewpoints the park has to offer, all showing off the Budapest skyline from a slightly different perspective. It is also a lovely place to go for a walk in nature without having to travel too far. The paths can be uphill in places but suitable for most fitness levels.

The park is particularly beautiful in the autumn months, as the vibrant fall colors make for some stunning photographs.

budapest landmarks

Citadella and Liberty Statue

Also located on Gellért Hill is the Citadella, home to one of the best panoramic views of the city. The fortress was built in the mid-19th century as a means of control.

At the Citadel lies the Liberty Statue; the monument was built in 1947 as a sign of freedom after the sad heartbreak the country faced during World War II. The statue shows a woman who stands tall with a palm leaf in her hands, symbolizing peace. The plack reads, “To the memory of the liberating Soviet heroes erected by the grateful Hungarian people in 1945”. It is a touching place to visit when exploring Budapest.

budapest landmarks

Heroes Square

Another one of the historic monuments in Budapest that are worth visiting is Heroes Square. This landmark was created to represent the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars, who were believed to have led
the Hungarians from central Asia to the Carpathian basin.

If you enjoy visiting museums and galleries as you travel, you are lucky because Heroes Square has many of them to choose from. Additionally, the square hosts various events and festivals throughout the year; it is quite a lively spot to visit on your trip to Budapest.

budapest landmarks

The Danube

A post on Landmarks of Budapest would not be complete without mentioning the Danube, a charming river that flows directly through the middle of the city. It is the heart of all the city’s action, from river cruises to romantic strolls along the banks.

One of the best ways to see Budapest is by taking a boat tour down the Danube, especially at night when all the city’s landmarks are lit up and glowing.

budapest landmarks

budapest landmarks

Szechenyi Thermal Bath

It is no secret that one of the most iconic things to do while in Budapest is visit the famous Szechenyi Baths. Coming here to relax after a few long days of visiting the city is ideal. You can even opt into getting one of the many spa treatments, such as facials and massages.

There are eighteen pools in the building, eight of which are inside. The thermal water contains minerals that have healing properties, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

And a little bit of warning for those planning a visit in the colder months. The water may be warm, but the outside temperature definitely is not.

budapest landmarks

Chain Bridge

Did you know that Budapest was once two separate cities, Buda and Pest? Before 1849, there was no direct link between the two areas. The Chain Bridge was the first permanent structure to connect the
two together.

It now remains one of the most iconic Hungarian landmarks, with its famous stone lions guarding the city. It is also stunning to visit at night when it is lit up with beautiful lights.

budapest landmarks

Vajdahunyad Castle

By far, one of my favorite landmarks in Hungary is the Vajdahunyad Castle in the city park. Much like other landmarks in Budapest, the castle presents visitors with a storybook feel with its stunning gardens, parks, and fairytale-like architecture.

It is home to the Hungarian Agriculture Museum, making it the perfect stop for those looking to learn more about Hungary’s geography. The castle is open all year, so you can visit regardless of when you plan to visit Budapest.

budapest landmarks

Margaret Island

Another great way to escape the crowds in the city is by visiting Margaret Island, which boasts an array of lush green landscapes, gardens, and historical sites. It is common for visitors to spend a day here as it is a lovely spot to explore and take pictures of the surroundings.

It is a popular spot for locals and tourists to engage in outdoor activities such as cycling, walking, and running. I love how it captures Budapest’s mix of urban and natural beauty, providing a tranquil diversion from the bustle of daily life in the city.

budapest landmarks

Dohany Street Synagogue

The Jewish community played a significant role in Budapest’s history, many contributing to the city’s science, arts, and business industries. However, they also experienced an extremely heartbreaking past when the city found itself under attack from the Nazi party during World War II.

Being one of the biggest synagogues in Europe, the Dohany Street Synagogue represents the determination and strength of the Jewish community in Budapest. In addition to its stunning design of the synagogue, visitors can pay their respects to those who passed away during this tragic period by touring the Holocaust Memorial Room.

budapest landmarks

budapest landmarks

Great Market Hall

I recommend visiting the Great Market Hall for those looking to experience a more local side of Budapest. Here, you will find a range of fresh fruits, veg, meats, and cheeses, all prepared by Budapest locals.

On the upper floor, there are an array of stalls selling handmade crafts and souvenirs. Perfect for those looking to bring a sample of Hungary home from their travels.

budapest landmarks

The Hungarian National Museum

If you’re interested in Hungary’s past or just a history buff, you should visit the Hungarian National Museum. It feels like going on a trip through time while walking through the museum.

Learn about the country’s history through artifacts and exhibits. You’ll get to see everything from medieval treasures to a collection about the recent upheavals in the 20th century.

budapest landmarks

Hungarian State Opera House

Here is a landmark in Budapest worth visiting for all music lovers. The State Opera House is not only a stunning building, but it also puts on some excellent shows, from ballet to opera. And the acoustics are incredible! It is well worth the visit for anyone spending a few days in Budapest!

budapest landmarks

budapest landmarks

Final thoughts on visiting Budapest

As you can see, there are many amazing Budapest landmarks that make visiting the city so interesting and unforgettable. The capital of Hungary is one of the greatest cities to visit in Europe and be sure to plan a trip there soon. You will not be disappointed!

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budapest landmarks

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