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Kami answers: how is travelling in Morocco for solo female

(Last Updated On: 17/02/2017)
Lately I got yet another email from the (female) reader asking about solo travels in Morocco. And while I enjoy answering to all the messages I receive (even if sometimes I wish I had more time for that…) I thought it’d be good to write a seperate post about it, maybe for someone else my experiences will be usefull as well!

So, how was travelling around Morocco as a solo female? It was challenging! Well, every place where you travel solo is like that but Morocco put the challenge in a completely new level. However it wasn’t all as bad as I expected. There were annoying situations but not as many as I had thought and all in all people were extremely friendly and willing to help! I already wrote about Moroccan people before, you can read it here.


Morocco is a busy place, the busiest I’ve ever visited. You’d have to go to a really remote area to be totally alone. There’re lots of locals everywhere, add to that also maaaany tourists everywhere. The craziest place in every city is medina, so busy it’s impossible to walk properly. The only way to move around is to join the huge wave of people and follow them. You might be also constantly harrased by people trying to sell you some useless things, make a henna tattoos (known also as a scam!) or telling you they love you. Morocco is definitely a place that pushes you out of your comfort zone, big time, but that’s what travelling is all about!


Even if it was that challenging and demanding I felt really safe in Morocco, I can’t even say why. Maybe because there were always people around or maybe because I could see that for locals I’m a tourist who leaves money behind and so they can do nothing bad to me. Even if every few steps I was hitched I didn’t feel in danger even once. For all the time though, like during every other solo trip, I tried to stay focused and used my common sense. No matter how safe I felt I didn’t want to do something stupid to regret later on. And I’m sure that there were people around who would have used reckless tourists whenever there was a chance, it’s like that everywhere after all.


The travelling itself around Morocco was very easy. There is a really good network of public transport (both buses and trains) and again, since there were so many tourists during each journey I took there were at least few other fellow travellers with me. I guess Moroccan people are so used to tourists visiting their country and travelling around it that they don’t even look curiously at foreigners. Also everyone was friendly and helpful, most of the young people could speak decent English and moving around the country wasn’t a problem at all.


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I know Morocco or other Arab countries have a really bad reputation among female travelers. But for me it wasn’t as horrible as everyone was saying and warning. It definitely was a different country that anywhere else I’ve been to but with only few exceptions (that could have happened everywhere else) people were extremely friendly and hospitable, travelling around was easy and all visited places were exceptional! Oh, and the food was incredible! I think there’s no need to worry too much before visiting Morocco. Using the common sense and following basic safety rules will be enough there. Just switch your mind to the Arab way, don’t pay too much attention to annoying guys and you’ll love it there!

Have you been to any challenging place? How did you deal with that?


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There are 4 Comments.

  1. Monika Skoczylas
    18:46 21/02/2015

    I feel more secure after reading your post, I hope my first trip to Morocco will be also safe!

    • kami
      14:58 28/02/2015

      fingers crossed! I’m sure you will have a great time!

  2. Andrew Darwitan
    18:01 05/12/2016

    Indeed, Morocco is a safe place. Often misunderstood.

    • kami
      10:06 08/12/2016

      exactly. But also not the easiest country to travel around

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