In the very south-east corner of Poland – Przemyśl

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Ever since I remember I knew there’s the city called Przemyśl in the very south-east corner of Poland. That’s the place where my dad has spent his days serving the military service and he often talked about it, not only the great time he had but also about the beauty of the city. So when I didn’t know what to do with one weekend back in the summer of 2010 I’ve decided to head to Przemyśl and see why it is so special to my dad. I guess it’s a family thing as it got a place in my heart right away too! So yesterday, when I found myself in Przemyśl again, 3 hours before my night train back to Warszawa was about to depart, I saw it as a great chance to wander around a little bit again, despite the darkness and the incredible cold.

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Przemyśl is an old city, founded in 1389. It’s easy to see the long history in it as it’s full of monuments, churches, old houses; there’s even a fortress and the castle. If you’re familiar with story of the Good Soldier Svejk – that’s also where his adventures took place. Sadly the city is treated by most of the people only as a short stop en route to Ukraine (it’s the cheapest to go via Przemyśl – more about it at the end of the post) but it’s well worth exploring too, even if just for an hour or two.


The old town with its narrow, cobbled streets and beautiful baroque churches has the wonderful atmosphere of East Europe that I enjoy so much. Every second building has a long and important history, hides some gems. Discovering them is a pure pleasure. If you liked the architecture of Kraków or Lviv you’d most likely enjoy Przemyśl as well – in the times of the Kingdom of Galicia these were three most important cities.


Przemyśl also has the amazing train station build in the middle of XIX century, that must be the most beautiful train station in Poland It was recently renovated and the final effect is breathtaking . Too bad that due to the high rent prices nothing really can be found there…


I can’t really find the right words to describe how wonderful Przemyśl is. It’s just the mix of the beautiful old buildings, the high towers of numerous churches, the Galician past. All of these combined together make Przemyśl an interesting place to discover. If you enjoy East European towns that’s definitely the city for you!

Przemysl can be also a great place to break the journey from Krakow to Lviv (or in the reverse direction). If you are travelling that way don’t miss it!

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For more pictures of the evening in Przemyśl visit my FB fanpage. Here’s also the gallery from my first visit there in 2010.

And here’s the short guide how to get from Przemyśl to Lviv in the cheapest possible way.

From the bus station in Przemyśl (that is located next to the train station, on the opposite site than the station building and the road to the old town) take the minibus to Medyka. The buses run frequently, it takes around 15 minutes and costs 2PLN (~0,50€). The bus takes you right to the border crossing, just follow the people and you’ll find the way to the pedestrian border. First you need to go through customs on the Polish site, then you have to walk for few minutes on the long one-way path (with high fence) to eventually reach the Ukrainan border. After passing customs you have to walk a little bit more to reach the main street. You’ll be already in the Ukrainian village of Shahyni (Шегині). Just walk along the road until you reach the first street left – around the corner of that street there’s a small bus station with minibuses departing to Lviv (Львів). The journey takes around 1,5 hour, costs 23hrywnas (~2,30€) and takes you to the Lviv train station from where you can reach the old town with the tram number 1, 6 or 9. It’s safe to say the journey from Przemyśl to Lviv takes around 3 hours. Both on Polish and Ukrainian minibus you buy the ticket from the driver.


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