How I tricked a jetlag

(Last Updated On: 20/02/2017)
Before I left for China the thing I feared the most was not the cultural difference or the language barrier but… a jetlag. I’ve never had to change time zone I’m in for more than 2 hours (either east to Georgia and Armenia or west to Iceland) and after hearing so many dreadful stories from everyone around I was seriously scared. My time in Beijing was limited and I didn’t want to spend first two days on sleeping.


I didn’t realize how big favour I had done to myself when booking the looong journey with Qatar Airways. Not only I was able to fly with the best airline in the world and experience its really good service or to see Doha on my way back but most important I tricked my body and didn’t have to deal with any jetlag at all! Thanks to the fact that my journey was divided into two long-ish flights each way I somehow managed to relax in them and catch up on some sleep This, combined with the naps at the airports made a really smooth trip. My body instantly changed to the China or Europe routine and even if the journey was extremely long it didn’t feel like that at all.

So now I know that whenever I go to some far away place I’ll try to book flights that preferably can take me there overnight (so I can catch up on sleep) and with the layovers somewhere in the middle of the way (so I won’t be too bored when travelling). This seems like the perfect method for me!

love, kami 2

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