Hidden destinations that are perfect for your next holiday

(Last Updated On: 20/02/2017)
There are many destinations that spring to mind when you think of jetting off on holiday but it is often the ones that don’t instantly come to mind that make for the most rewarding holidays



Everyone knows that Egypt has some fantastic sights to see. The pyramids, the Sphinx and the Nile are on most people’s must-see lists but the rest of Egypt is often overlooked as a holiday destination in its own right. Not only will you find fantastic mosques and souks, you can also discover stunning coral reefs, monasteries and ancient fortresses. There is so much is explore in Egypt that you will wonder why you never considered it before.


Anyone who has been to Bulgaria will be able to tell you that it is well worth a visit. With it not being one of Europe’s most popular destinations, it isn’t as focused on the more showy aspects associated with tourism. This means you can have an authentic holiday getting to know the country and everything that it has to offer. Explore the beaches, mountain ranges and historic towns on a rustic Bulgarian adventure.


For anyone who enjoys discovering history while they are abroad, Malta is the perfect destination. There are forts and museums to explore, and you really shouldn’t miss St Johns Cathedral. The Manoel Theatre dates back to 1782 and you can be transported back in time with the medieval capital of Malta, Mdina. With so much to explore (and some fantastic places to sunbathe) you won’t have a dull moment in Malta.


You may not have considered Albania for your next holiday destination but if you give it a chance you won’t be disappointed. The rugged landscape in the country’s interior gives way to stunning stretches of coast so whether you like to hike up mountains or relax on the beach, this is definitely a country you want to visit.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is the third largest of the Canary Islands, but for some reason it doesn’t get the fame it’s neighbouring islands do. On the plus side, this means that Gran Canaria isn’t swimming with tourists all the time .The beaches on offer on this island are great for relaxation or exhilaration. Heading west will give you access to the most private beaches where you will find space to relax, while heading east will give you beaches perfect for watersports.

If you are looking for last minute holidays then any of these destinations will not disappoint. The sun, beaches and history on offer in these countries will put a smile on your face for sure.

Image by Jorge Lascar used under Creative Commons License.

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