Buying a SIM card in Georgia – all you need to know

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If you are planning a trip to Georgia and wonder what is the best Georgia SIM card I’m here to help you.

Just two days ago, after lots of research online what is the best SIM card in Georgia, I bought my Georgian SIM card in Tbilisi. It was a very smooth process and took no time really.

Read on all about getting a Georgian SIM card.

Georgia essentials

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Georgian SIM card

Do I really need a Georgian SIM card?

While wifi is widely available in Georgia I still think the Georgian SIM card comes very handy. Not only you can share your photos with family and friends, but you will also always have all the information with you, just a click away.

This was very helpful when I was exploring parts of Tbilisi away from the center (all the great Soviet stuff are spread all over the city, like the Chronicle of Georgia monument) and I needed to figure out right away if the bus that was approaching the stop was the right one for me.

On Google Maps, when you click on the bus stop it will show you all the buses departing from that stop with their routes. I would not be able to check that without being online and this info has saved me the time so many times in Tbilisi. And that’s only one of many examples when the Georgia SIM card was very helpful to me.

Even if you are in Georgia only for a few days and even if you are staying in the big cities, like Tbilisi or Batumi, I still think it’s worth to have one, especially that getting a SIM card in Georgia isn’t very expensive.

Georgian SIM card

What is the best Georgia SIM card?

There are three mobile phone operators in Georgia, all of them offering SIM cards with data: Geocell, Beeline, and Magti. But some of them are better than the others and after doing my research I’ve decided to buy the Georgian SIM card from Beeline.

When looking at the 4G coverage in Georgia, Geocell is the weakest and Beeline and Magti are similar, however, the second one offers a bit better 4G network. Still, both of them cover most of the tourist areas in Georgia so either one should be good for you.

I would avoid Geocell, especially if you plan to visit Svaneti as their 4G coverage there is almost nonexistent.

If you look at the prices, Beeline has the most affordable packages.

I paid 3 lari ($1,05/€0,94) for a SIM card and then could choose how much data I need with it. Since I needed it only for 3 days in Tbilisi I went for 2GB for 5 lari ($1,75/€1,50). I paid for everything 8 lari ($2,80/€2,50) and I think that’s a very good price for a tourist Georgian SIM card.

Other networks have more expensive Georgian SIM cards: Geocell offers packages for 20GEL ($7/€6,23) with 2GB of data, unlimited calls and texts in Georgia and 30 minutes of international phone calls and Magti, like Beeline, has a 3 lari SIM card offer and then you add extra packages with data.

You might also get a “free tourist SIM card”, they are often handed out at the airports. While the SIM card is free you, in fact, need to pay for the package and it’s not super cheap, it’s either 15 or 30 lari, depending on the package you choose.

It’s better to go to the mobile phone shop and buy the Georgian SIM card directly from them, with the package you actually need and for a better price.

To sum it up, I believe the best Georgia SIM card is Beeline. It’s affordable, easy to get and worked for me perfectly.

Georgian SIM card

Where can I get a SIM card in Georgia?

I got my Beeline Georgia SIM card in Tbilisi, in their official shop at Rustaveli Avenue 14, near the Parliament. The name of the company is written only in Georgian so you might miss it. You can see the picture of how it looks like below.

The shop is often every day, on weekdays between 10 in the morning and 7 in the evening and on the weekends from 10 am to 5 pm.

Just don’t go there too late, I was around 6.30 pm on Friday and while the shop was still working they’ve already closed the cash register and couldn’t sell me the card.

I returned the next morning and everything went really smoothly, I spent there maybe 5 minutes in total. Both Beeline employees I dealt with spoke very good English so there were no problems with communication.

Only the second one was a bit rude and I was this close to leaving the place without purchasing the card but then I remembered I need it so I stayed, but I can’t say I was happy with the customer service. Still, I got the SIM card that worked.

On the table, you have the leaflet with all the offers they have so you can decide then which one you need. I went for 2 GB as that’s enough for me for 3 days.

If you need to get a Beeline SIM card in Kutaisi you can find their shop at Rustaveli 18, near the main square and the bazaar. The opening hours are like 10:00-19:00 Monday-Friday and 10:00-17:00 on the weekends.

Getting a Beeline SIM card in Batumi is a bit more challenging as their shop is a bit away from the center, at 155 Bagrationi St. Opening hours are the same as in Tbilisi and Kutaisi.

You can also get a SIM card at Tbilisi airport but, as it often is with the airports, the prices might be a bit higher and the available offers might not be that good.

Georgian SIM card

Beeline shop in Tbilisi

What do I need to get a Georgian SIM card?

To get a Georgian SIM card you only need a passport and a working phone, so you will check right on the spot that everything works fine.

They need to write down some basic data from your passport, you need to sign the documents and that’s it, a few minutes later you can enjoy your mobile internet in Georgia.

The rude employee didn’t bother with helping me with inserting the SIM card but when I did it on my own, without leaving her table, everything worked just fine. I hope you will be more lucky in dealing with them than I was.

The whole process of getting a Georgian SIM card in Tbilisi took me maybe 5 minutes. Both times when I visited the Beeline shop there was no line and everything was really smooth. I would recommend going to the shop in the morning so you might avoid crowds at that time.

And that’s it. Getting a Georgian SIM card is really easy and affordable. I definitely recommend you get one when you start your trip to Georgia, you might need it more than you think.

Georgian SIM card

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