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Discovering Armenia

it’s been almost 2 weeks since I came back from my short trip to Armenia but I somehow haven’t had time to write here about it, my social life was way too busy but that’s what summer is for, right :) ? but anyway, Armenia! even if I was there only for 4 days that was enough to see a lot of the country and enjoy it so much! I spent first two days on discovering Yerevan and it still wasn’t enough for me. It isn’t a beautiful city, like for example Tbilisi. It was established in BC times but you can’t find any ancient buildings in the center, it’s mostly dominated by Soviet-era buildings, all built with redish stone. Besides the general atmosphere I really loved there were few places that I felt for: the mosque where in the courtyard I naped for one hour, the cascades with the awesome view of the city, the many parks where I could hide from the enormous heat. But what I really loved about Yerevan was the cafe culture there. Around the city, mostly near of Opera, there were so many various cafes that let you relax with a glass of delicious ice tea (so many flavours to choose from!). They were always full of people, the prices were really cheap and the atmosphere was laid-back and easy-going. I could spend so much time there, reading a book, surfing online on my phone or just looking at the world around me.Another thing that really impressed me and left me speachless for a long while was the Genocide Memorial. I knew about what happened in 1915 but I think I didn’t fully realized and understand the whole history of it, I still don’t really understand it… The museum was really touching with all the pictures and hard figures that showed the real story of the Genocide. I believe that every person that visits Yerevan has to go to the Memorial as well, to fully understand the history of Armenia and its people.

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As for the Cascades, they are the fascinating creation in the center that is a home to Cafesjian Center for the Arts, an interesting museum with a big modern art collection inside and outside of the complex. you can just sit around, surrounded by piece of art, with a view of the Mount Ararat, if you’re lucky. That was actually my favourite place to sit in Yerevan and just stare at the city…

And to finish the nice day of wandering around the city, every evening at 10pm there’s the singing fountain show at the Republic Square. No matter how tacky it is, it is also pretty impressive and so worth seeing as they did a great job with it!














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    Dzięki za miłe słowa!:) Widzę, że zapowiada Ci się ciekawy wrzesień, także miłego zwiedzania!:) Do zobaczenia w Poznaniu!L&B

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