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When I planned my trip to Canada it was kind of obvious that I have to visit Niagara Falls as well. I’ve seen some quite spectacular waterfalls in my life, especially these in Iceland were impressive, but the one on the border between USA and Canada is the most visited waterfall in the world. Since I didn’t have that much time during that trip I’ve decided a daytrip from Toronto to Niagara Falls will have to do.


The slightly delayed train pulled in the small station of Niagara Falls. I wasn’t sure if that’s my destination as the train station was really tiny and felt abandoned. But with only 1 pair of trains Toronto – New York City stopping there I don’t know what I’ve expected. From there it was a 3 kms walk to get to the falls itself. I could have taken the taxi or wait for the bus but since the weather was really lovely I didn’t mind walking at all. The way there was really pleasant, with nice suburban houses on the right and the deep gorge of Niagara River and United States so near on the left.


Suddenly I could hear first a rustle and then a massive noise. I knew then I was getting closer to the falls itself! And there, in the distance, just over the Rainbow Bridge connecting the US and Canada, I could see the first waterfall! The impression was amazing. Maybe it wasn’t the highest one but the enormity of water falling down every second was mind-boggling!

The world wide famous Niagara Falls are actually three falls that make a natural border between USA (state of New York) and Canada (Ontario). The highest one (and widest one, most impressive one) is the Horseshoe Falls, known also as Canadian Falls. Then there’re American Falls and the smallest one, Bridal Veil Falls. All of them are located fairly close from each other and altogether they make a breathtaking sight.


I must admit that after hearing from my friends’ about Niagara Falls experience on the American side I was pretty skeptical about my visit there. But while American part is apparently full of annoying shops and other entertainment options Canadian didn’t seem to be like that. Sure, close to the main attractions such as Maid of the Mist or Table Rock there were couple of stands selling snacks or souvenirs but they weren’t all that overwhelming. The path connecting these two main attractions of Niagara Falls didn’t have even one stand that could disturb the pleasant walk with the breathtaking view of all waterfalls!


Even if the beginning of May is still low season in Niagara Falls the place was full of tourists from all over the world. The majority was Asian (China, Japan, India) but I could hear so many various languages! But with so many attractions that Niagara Falls has to offer (there’re so many things to do, both with and without the falls, that they deserve a separate post or two here!) all these people spread all over the place and I didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes to enter any place.


I’ve always heard that the view of the falls is so much better from the Canadian side. I’m not the one to judge as I haven’t seen how it looks from the US, I could only imagine it from the pictures. But I must admit that from Canada it looks really breathtaking! With every step the view is getting better and better, all waterfalls are there, just in front of you. Eventually I reached Table Rock (that’s also where the Visitors Center with a very helpful staff of Niagara Parks can be found) – a place so very close to the Canadian Falls with its powerful waters falling down 53 meters that you can feel the drops in the air and the noise blocks the ears! I could have spent hours there, just staring at the power of nature just there, so close from me…


7 hours might seem like a long time to explore such a small place like Niagara Falls but actually it is not. There are really a lot of things to do and if the weather is as lovely as it was at the beginning of May when I visited being there is a huge pleasure. I wanted to experience as much as possible and well, I succeeded even if I felt slightly rushed at some point. I’ll tell you about all the attractions there in one of the next post.


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Overrated or not, overcrowded or not Niagara Falls is definitely worth visiting and exploring. It might be a little bit commercial (which famous place isn’t now?) but the magnificent waterfall make up for that and after all that’s the reason why everyone goes there, to see this amazing creation of nature. When I was leaving Niagara Falls towards Toronto I regretted I couldn’t have stayed there longer. One day there is perfect is you are running out of time but I think it’s better to stay longer if you can and play a tourist with the waterfalls in your background!!

Which waterfalls have you visited? Would you like to go to Niagara Falls?

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Note: I was guest of Niagara Falls Tourism and Niagara Parks however all the opinions are mine, as always.

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