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  • carry-on travel

    How I travel with carry-on only

    I remember very well my first flight. It was in July 2005, I was going to Lisbon and I was about to return overland to Poland. The whole trip, via Spain,…

  • random

    First half of 2013 in pictures

    I’m so very sorry for the very rare updates here. The reason is my ultrabook crashed and is in pieces (literally) yet Lenovo refuses to repair it… It’s a long story…

  • random

    A guide to sleeping at the airport

    Have you ever had to catch the really early morning flight or even worse, the one in the middle of the night? Or have you arrived to the new destinations late…

  • random

    How I tricked a jetlag

    Before I left for China the thing I feared the most was not the cultural difference or the language barrier but… a jetlag. I’ve never had to change time zone I’m…

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