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Best places to admire Quebec’s skyline

Quebec City, besides being an extremely charming and beautiful city with the European atmosphere, offers also some really great views of the skyline. I don’t know what about you but I always love admiring the city from above or from the distance as it gives me a great impression of the place. And Quebec is perfect for that! So below you can find some spots that are the best when it comes to city views. I spent a good part of my time in Quebec just looking at the beautiful city in front of my eyes.


1. Observatoire de la Capitale.

Located on 31st floor (221 meters up) of the highest building in Quebec the Observatoire offers quite amazing views all over the city and the surrounding area. Even if it’s within the building that serves as offices it has a huge windows (clean! such an obvious thing isn’t obvious to everyone maintaining viewing points all over the world) at every side so you can see the city at 360⁰. There is the walled Old Quebec with its narrow streets and dominating Chateau Frontenac, the Battlefields Park and St. Lawrence River, residental neighbourhoods and Laurentians – the oldest mountains in the world surrounding Quebec City. It all looks really lovely from up there.


2. The City Walls

Quebec City is the only city north of Mexico that still has the defence system. There are three gates – two French and one British – that lead to the Old Town. You can climb the walls next to each gate and admire the city from there. The views stretch to both Old Town and newer districts, the Laurentians are also clearly seen from there. The Walls are a popular spot for local young people to hang out, sit on the ground, have a chat over a drink etc.


3. Citadelle

At the top of the City Walls, above St. Lawrence River, the Citadelle (known also as Gibraltar of  America) is the place with (my personal) favourite views of Quebec’s skyline. Follow the path to your left and you’ll reach a small park on the side of the Citadelle. The place is perfect to relax after the busy sightseeing – you can read a book, have a picnic, have a nap – that’s what locals do! Or simply sit there and admire the beautiful view in front of your eyes with Chateau Frontenac right there. Because the Citadelle is a little bit out of the way it’s a lovely quite place I guarantee you that you’ll spend more time than expected there.


4. Ferry across the Saint Laurent River

Take the commuter ferry across the river to enjoy the most spectacular views of the Old Quebec. The journey lasts 15 minutes one way but every minute of it reveals more and more breathtaking scenery. The Old Town is right there, in front of your eyes, you can also admire unique cliffs that Quebec is built on. There’s no need to leave the ferry, simply buy the return ticket and stay on the boat, enjoy the view and relax in the sun at the top deck while waiting for the journey back. And when you’re back in Quebec but are too lazy to walk all the way to the Upper Town take the old funicular that is located not too far from the ferry.


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Note: I was a guest of Quebec City Tourism and  Quebec Original however all opinions are mine, as always.

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  1. Alex in Maine
    15:10 26/03/2015

    Kamaaaa, I finally made it to Québec City too three weeks ago ;) What a beautiful city..I’ll have to go back when it’s warmer. I miss you my friend!

    • kami
      22:21 06/04/2015

      That’s amazing! how did you like it??? I’d love to go back there in the summer time too! I miss you as well!!! Any plans of visiting Germany soon?

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