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Recently I’ve given you the impressive list of most amazing places visited by travel bloggers in 2015. Yet here I am with another epic list. This time I asked my fellow Polish travel bloggers (and in many cases really good friends of mine) what were their best places of 2015. I’ve notticed a while ago that we often have different interests in destinations than international bloggers and what you’ll see below will be just a proof of my theory. We seem to travel to more off the path places, we tend to be more adventurous and look at the world around with a different perspective. Before you start reading where we’ve been in these past 12 months take a look at our Instagram where we feature the best travel pictures taken by Polish travel bloggers (I’m one of the people behind this account)! And now, onto our epic list!


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Capurgana, Colombia by Koralina and Bartek of Tropimy Przygody

We’ve just started our Never Ending Honeymoon in November and will travel for approximately 2 years, so there’s a lot of great places ahead of us. But we’ve just left Capurganá in Colombia, which was wanderful. Lovely small village at the Caribbean Coast, where no cars are driving, internet is expensive that you just rest from it. But there are beaches, you can do some jungle trekking or just hang around in the village. Why we liked it so much? Because time stood still there. We didn’t have to do anything, just lay down in hommock, read or swimm in the sea. That’s the perfect spot for charging batteries!

12316637_1204737316206375_4311639605248557691_n (1)

Lapland, Finland by Marcin of

Japan was a big positive shock for us. We are very impressed also Singapore. But perhaps the MOST WONDERFUL place (and moment) what we got was a fairy-tale looking winter in Lapland, Finland. And the first time we saw auroras at midnight. Absolutly unforgettable!


Khasab, Oman by Natalia of Zapiski ze świata

2015 was quite amazing for me, especially the beginning of the year. My first trip in January was to UAE, but the most incredible place I’ve visited was Khasab in Oman, where I took only a one – day trip from Dubai. Actually it’s not Khasab itself, but the cruise that starts in the harbor of the town. Cozy boat took us to a place full of dolphins, somewhere between amazing, rocky fjords. The weather was fantastic, water more than crystal, and just us swimming and snorkeling around. I can’t express how beautiful is that place, I couldn’t even choose just one picture to show you mystery and the atmosphere. But seriously – if you think of where to go in 2016 – choose Oman.

Cappadocia, Turkey by Olka of Bałkany Rudej

We could have chosen many places, where we would go for our honey moon. But we both dreamt of Turkey and Cappadocia. It is one of the most popular Turkish destinations, but to be honest, we didn’t meet crowds there. Living in Goreme, on Camping Panorama, was the best way to know this region a little bit better. Every morning we were woken up by balloons flying right over our heads. And this view from camping – hundreds of balloons, amazing rocks of Cappadocia and sunrise. Everyday we spent on treking on and between rocks in various shapes, sizes and colors. We spent also hours just staring at this cosmic landscape. And yes, Cappadocia was the best place that we visited in 2015.


Villamontes, Bolivia by Danuta of Bolivia in my eyes

One of the most amazing places I visited in 2015 was Villamontes! This small town, located in the South of Bolivia, near the border with Argentina, is the guardian of the memory of the last war for territory in South America – Chaco War, and its surroundings are still inhabited by Guarani Indians. Villamontes is also a gateway to the Aguarague National Park, where the rich sub-tropical vegetation and diverse fauna: pumas, armadillos can be observed. In fact, Villamontes is known as the hottest town in Bolivia! And, at only a stone’s throw, or about 8 hours in the car via breath taking landscape of the Canyon and River Pilcomayo, main natural attraction of the city, is Tarija – Bolivian capital of wine! So, if you travel to Bolivia and are looking for some off the beaten path adventures, Villamontes may be the place for you!

Danuta Stawarz c-1

Wet desert in Australia by Maja of Traveling Rockhopper

I was dreaming of going to the Red Centre and see Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia. It’s not an original idea, and many people want to see this huge, red rock. I managed to do so in January 2015, and it was a great experience!
I could finish here, but you probably realised that this picture is not a typical view of a desert. Ayers Rock is amazing, but seeing waterfalls on Ayers Rock is even more, it’s an extraordinary experience! Instead of over 40 C (~104 F), we had around 25 C (77 F), desert was green and covered in flowers, and waterfalls were on many rocks! Doesn’t is sound gorgeous? Unfortunately some roads were closed or damaged by huge amount of water. In the picture, you can see our brave driver (yeah, he’s a military guy!) checking can we drive through.


Railway station in Kasina Wielka, the Carpathians by Kuba of Sądecki Włóczykij

What can happen, if one of the most amazing and mountainous railway line in the Carpathians is closed? What may be located in the old stations buildings? Kasina Wielka is the best example of that, how lost place can be brought back to life. The old railway station is renewed as apartments house. The platform has become the perfect place for barbecue and party under the sky. Every weekend in the summer the station in Kasina Wielka is full of life, because of the historic train from 19th century, which takes tourists for short trip to Railway Museum in Chabówka (15 km far away from Kasina). The Carpathians still keep a lot of secretly hidden beautiful places. A few days spent in Kasina Wielka was the most exciting discovery, which I have had in 2015 year!


Lillebælt, Denmark by Evi of Kto podróżuje ten żyje dwa razy

Most amazing place I have visited in 2015 was Lillebælt in Denmark, where I was … walking on the bridge. What is so great about it, you ask? That I was walking on top of the bridge having cars, trains and people below me. This unusual attraction is possible only here and in Sydney, so it’s quite unique for Europe. Bridge is 60 m high, the walking path is on 20 m above the street and railways. First you go on the left side of the bridge, than cross it on the other side and go back on the other side. Before going down you have to cross the bridge on the top again. Sounds crazy? It is! To go on top of the bridge you have to wear special suit, which looks more like for painting job, you also get harness because you are connected to the bridge for the whole walk, like a dog on the leash.


Trinidad, Cuba by Ewa of Daleko Niedaleko

The most amazing old town I have ever visited is located not on the old continent, but in the new world. Cuba’s Trinidad amazed me from the first sight with its bright and colourful building facades, cobbled streets and this lazy atmosphere lacking any signs of haste. Wandering around the town with my camera I didn’t know which way to look, because every sight was a scene for a lovely picture! It was also worth walking away from the very centre to notice that although modest and pauper, Trinidad is also lovely in the less touristic parts. Having bought incredibly cheap and extremely sweet bananas I engaged into a small talk with some policeman and passers-by. They were curious where I was from and how I learned a little Spanish, but I was never hassled, what usually happens in places like this. And when I climbed the tower of an old sugar baron’s mansion and cast a glimpse over Trinidad’s roofs and streets from up there I knew that this is one of the places I will always remember as special.


Salt pans on Gozo (Malta) by Łukasz of Łukasz Kędzierski: podróże i fotografia

It is really hard to pick just one. I don’t know if this is the best place that I saw in 2015, but for sure I was really amazed when I was walking down the street on the northern coast from Marsalforn to Wied il-Ghasri. There are special salt pans, where from very old times people were getting salt from seawater. There are special basins where the water is evaporating and original and direct from the nature we get amazing salt. The best time to visit is late evening around sunset when the sky gets impressive colors and we can admire amazing and colorful landscape. I would say that this is the best place for landscape photographers, because you can take amazing photos.


Haguro Mountain, Japan by Karolina of W krainie tajfunów

The most amazing place I have visited in 2015 is probably Haguro Mountain – one of the three holy Japanese mountains (Dewa Sanzan) in Yamaguchi Prefecture. I was struck by the beauty of the centuries-old wooden pagoda hidden among the sky-high cedar trees. I stood there for a long time, simply staring at the magical view in front my eyes. Afterwards I hiked over two thousand steps up the mountain and reached on of the holiest temples in all of Japan, where I had a true feast of vegetarian Buddhist cuisine. If you want to experience a different Japan, a country in touch with nature, and perhaps feel a kind of magic – Dewa Sanzan is definitely the place to go! Make sure to spend at least few days there, and experience all the three mountains, as each is completely different. And perhaps you will meet on your way yamabushi, the ascetic pilgrims, dressed in traditional white robes?


North Korea by Piotrek of Jedź, baw się!

If the question is “what is the most amazing place You’ve visited in 2015?”, my answer can be only one: North Korea. Sure, at first I was reluctant – this country still tops the human rights blacklist. On the other hand, I was able to reduce my negative financial impact as my invitation came from the person working at the Polish Embassy there. This not only resulted in minimal amount of money ending up in the DPRK authorities’ pockets, but also gave me the freedom normally unattainable for the average tourist. North Korea is a never-ending source of situations that allow us to appreciate the freedom for which Europe fought for the better part of the XX century. Every day spent there is a fountain of new experiences that anywhere else one would have to gather for a week or two. You would also be surprised at how many smiles You would see, although bear in mind that the best-reflecting term for DPRK is “The country of appearances”.

Pjongjang-naprawa roweru

Helsinki, Finland by Kasia of Kanoklik

About trip to Finland I thought for a long time. I have been hitchhiking in Norway, working and traveling in Sweden, so it was time to visit their sister. When I was in Helsinki I wanted to see mostly district called Kallio.
It is the post-industrial part of the town, there’s nothing visually attractive. It is more about the atmosphere that you can feel beeing there. The most impresive for me is the part of this area called Sompassari. When you enter it, you see mainly enormous building sites, but if you continue walking it will take you to a very artistic spot: saunas (completely free); created by locals, outdoor pubs, craft shop and huge walls covered with murals. Generally, in this building site, very creative people made a brilliant, artistic, playful space. In 2015 I visited a lot of places, but this trip was number one for me.


Aveiro, Portugal by Wiola of Wiola Starczewska

We were sitting in front of the canal, the night was warm and you could smell salt in the air. Aveiro is famous from its “salinhas” – places, where they extract sea salt. Maybe it was Mariza in the background, maybe not, maybe some summer song about “amor” and “saudade”. And then he said: “This year I’ve been to ten countries, Kenya and Mozambique among others”. “Wow…well, when it comes to me, this year I haven’t been anywhere, I’ve just arrived to Aveiro”. And it was just like this: the only one and most A-W-E-S-O-M-E place I visited in 2015 was Aveiro, Portugal. The place, where the owner of this blog supposed to come by herself, but she didn’t managed. And she can regret! Oh, she can regret of not trying ovos moles, sea salt, moliceiro boat trip and vinho verde at the canal during hot August night…


Laos by Dominika of Hanging around in Asia

Do you have your must go list? Put Laos on it and you will not regret! I promise you will be enchanted by its charming landscapes, the wild and unspoiled nature, the majestic mountains resembling somehow the Macedoninas’ peaks, the unbearable beauty of Mekong (don’t skip the Mekong two days slow boat trip!) but also and moreover you will be moved by its culture and people’s hospitality. Simplicity and warmth contrasted heavily with poverty caused by slowly descending communist regime. The national faith and perseverance to maintain buddhist traditions despite the laic rules set by the government and its policy is heart-taking and deeply touching one’s soul. Lao’s spirit is like a simmering volcano still boiling underground. One has no doubt it will erupt sooner or later.


Derwentwater, England by Kinga of Floating My Boat

The most terrific place I’ve been to in 2015 is Derwentwater in the Lake District in the north-west of England. It’s a truly magical region where mountains, insanely clean lakes, mysterious forests, and serene pastures meet together and create a very harmonious, tranquil landscape, perfect for hiking. It’s so amazingly beautiful that you don’t want to ever leave this place. What is more, Keswick, a small town by the Derwentwater lake has still remained very authentic. All buildings are made of local resources, which are dark grey stones. You will not find there imported goods, but mostly the local produce. There are no selfie-stick sellers, no shops with kitschy souvenirs. Instead, there is a museum of pencils (!), a theatre by the lake, home of Beatrix Potter, and traditional pubs where you will feel like travelling back in time. Once in a lifetime experience!


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina by Monika of Wroclot

It was during our trip through the Balkans, we have visited many countries but Bosnia and Herzegovina was the most charming one. It was a pleasure to see the city uprising after war which has ended only 20 years ago ! You can still see the bullet holes on buildings while walking through old streets in Sarajevo. The culture, so different as ours, but still – so similar. Beautiful architecture with old ornaments, great food, nice people… and views ! Bosnia and Herzegovina is, in my daughter’s opinion, the most beautiful country in Balkans. I can truly wrote – I can agree.


Cabo Verde by Ewa and Romek of

The winterly beginning of 2015 we wanted to spend on Cuba. However the flight prices were going mischievously higher and higher so we chanced another direction – and this is how we landed on Cabo Verde. And all for the best, because when we sum up this year, our beloved place of all visited in past twelve months is one of that country’s islands. Santo Antao – that we speak of – is still a little wild, hard to reach, green and unbelievably little touristic. It’s mountain terrains contrast picturesquely with raging ocean and diverse weather is rewarded with most lush vegetation of all country islands. Great trekking routes, friendly people and delicious local alcohol got to our hearts forever. Even carnival celebrations were most authentic here and had nothing to do with shows for tourist audience. It’s farthest located form Africa’s mainland island of Cabo Verde and also very different than others. It’s protected from mass tourism by it’s location and land formation which makes it beautiful and unique at the same time! The only question is – for how long?


Mt. Fuji, Japan by Demi of Romantic Vagabonds

The most amazing place I’ve visited this year was undoubtedly Japanese famous dormant volcano – Mt. Fuji. It’s very special place for all Japanese from time immemorial, because of its mystery, excellent cone shape and location. Volcano, the highest mountain of Japan is isolated from the other mountains and lies in the heart of the country. Jokingly called “the navel of Japan”. From the old time it was regarded as the sacred place inhabited by gods. They say that “if you never climb Mt. Fuji once you are a fool, but if you climb it more than once you are twice the fool”, and when I finally climbed on the majestic symbol of the Country of Cherry Blossoms I truly understood these words. And no matter how monotonous is the climbing and despite attitude illness, coldness the spectacular view from the summit recompense all difficulties.

Mt Fuji_dianademi

Madeira, Portugal by Ania and Tomek of born2travel

Madeira Island was definitely the most amazing place we visited in 2015. We enjoyed it so much that we even plan to come back there soon, because one week was not enough to explore it fully! It’s true that Madeira’s weather is always pretty unpredictable, but it has some advantages as well. For example, we had a chance to see there some of the most beautiful rainbows ever! Due to frequent rainfalls, Madeira is so green that sometimes it’s really hard to believe it’s a volcanic island! Especially if you visit its beautiful botanic gardens – Monte Palace decidedly is our number one! Only the numerous dark and impressive rocks and cliffs remind us about Madeira’s volcanic origin…


Altyn Emel, Kazakhstan by Agnieszka od

The Altyn Emel is a huge National Park in south-east Kazakhstan. Located about 260 kilometers north-east of Almaty is quite accessible place (depending on the season) to experience a piece of Kazakh wilderness. Among extensive, beautiful landscapes, there is an impressive singing sand dune, that makes a very characteristic noise in appropriate, windy conditions. In August Altyn Emel is extremely hot, so climbing the dune in the middle of the day might be not a good idea. But of course, you can try as we did ;) We have also spent a night on nice camping, where park rangers live. It feels like the middle of nowhere!


Iran by Marcin of Wojażer

This was an extremely interesting year, not only when it comes to travels, but also and more importantly, when it comes to politics. The world is changing and so do some countries – Cuba opening the relations with America and Iran coming to an agreement with nuclear powers. Iran remains my top destination out of all places I visited this year. Walking through streets of Tehran, vibrant but yet extremely polluted, capital city, I have realized that literally everyone was waiting for the change to come. Even before signing the agreement, Iran has made some first steps to make it easier for travelers to come and enjoy the great story of Persia, one of the oldest nations in the world. Suddenly getting a visa stopped being a pain like it was in the past. It also became possible to get visa on arrival, which Kami checked out herself. Every person that comes back from Iran tells a story of friendly people, amazing landscapes and wonderful cities like Esfahan, Shiraz or Yazd. The same happened to me. I came back enchanted and I truly want to come back!

Annapurna, Himalayas by Patrycja of Kartka z Podróży

Can you imagine being in a sauna, carrying 20 kg backpack and climbing on 30th floor on a skyscraper? It was the most exhausting but the most incredible hiking of my life. I saw them one morning while standing on the roof of the tea house and drinking masala tea. Monsoon clouds disappeared and revealed blue-grey peaks with almost vertical slopes and formidable protruding ridges. It was the first time I saw Himalaya, Annapurna Himal precisely. How did it come that one of the most dangerous peak is named after Hindu goddess’ of abundance? I’ve read somewhere that climbing onto high mountains is pointless because one cannot see them while being on the top. And maybe there is truth in this sentence… Watching her majestic, Annapurna, from the base camp gave me impression of peace and harmony with nature. This is where I belong to.


Delft, the Netherlands by Joanna of Podróże po Europie

What was the most amazing place we visited this year? Certainly Delft, a beautiful small town in the Netherlands, located between The Hague and Rotterdam. As soon as we saw it, we were charmed and we knew it would be one of the most interesting places we have ever visited. Everywhere narrow streets, where history just stopped a few hundreds years ago, canals with a wonderful view, and stunning market with very high “New Church”. By the way, you have to climb to “New Church” tower if you ever visit Delft! Throughout the city we encountered dozens of historic restaurants, pubs and small craft shops. People just sit there without stress and enjoy the moment. All this happens almost in slow motion! We visited Delft in the end of August, so the weather was great – and we generally recommend a choice of warm month for a visit. (1)

Hrisey Island, Iceland by Hania and Michał of Mała i Duży w Podróży

In 2015 we saw a lot amazing places, but the most amazing for us was the Hrisey Island in Iceland. Hrisey is a small and calm island, located in the longest icelandic fjord – Eyjafjörður. Why is it so amazing? There live less than 90 inhabitants, there are more tractors than cars and most of island is a nature reserve. On Hrisey, you can see hundreds of birds, you can reach the highest point of island where you can find the small lighthouse and you can take a bath in hot, outside swimming pool with very nice view. Life there is very slow, relaxing and you can feel real familiar atmosphere. We spent there two wonderful months and we would recommend Hrisey to people who are looking for real sound of silence.


Samoa by Jo of 4ever Moments

Think about white sand, turquoise water and beautiful palm trees! Nothing special, you may think. Sounds like half places in Asia or South America. Well, not really. Now think about fresh salmon, taro root and palusami served at your banan leave. That’s more like it! Now imagine colourful old buses with wooden benches, colonial churches, reggae music all around and people covered with tribal tattoos. That think you’re on an island in a middle of Pacific Ocean. Nope, it’s not Cuba nor Jamaica! You’re in Samoa! It’s one of the furthest places you can visit and yes, it literally is in the middle of nowhere. Looks like isolated paradise. Each year offers thousands of tourist holiday of a lifetime! Lava fields, blowholes, canopy walks, famous ToSua Ocean Trench and best of the best Lalomanu beach, one of top ten beaches in the whole world according to Lonely Planet. You simply can’t miss that!


Omo Valley, Ethiopia by Monika whose son runs a blog PlanetKIWI

The most incredible place we visited in 2015 was Omo Valley in Ethiopia – the world which remains unchanged for thousands of years… but now it is endangered. The Hammers still practice a cruel ritual of bull jumping, where women are whipped to blood and young boys jump naked over the row of cattle as a rite of passage. The Mursis still wear lip-plates and scarifications all over their bodies and live on milk mixed with cows’ blood. The most inaccessible and smallest Karo tribe (less than 3000 people) live in only three small villages in the valley. These native African inhabitants are struggling to protect their land and culture against aggressive construction and agriculture policy. The dam is being built on the Omo River and grasslands are turned into cotton factories by big international companies. It’s time to see it and help… before it’s too late.

IMG_7518 i

Borneo by Oliwia of The Ollie

I was a bit concerned about the visit on Borneo, is it really a very special place or will it disappoint me? I headed out happy and with some expectations but also a bit anxious. I had no reason to worry! First Borneo welcomed me with an amazing diving in extraordinary place – Sipadan was even better than I expected. Next I made my dream come true, I saw orangutans in natural habitat. I visited the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Sepilok and also spent a night in the jungle by the Kinabatangan river. Beautiful, mighty Kinabalu summit without a doubt was mystic and exceptional. I will never forget the night trekking to the summit and the breathtaking sunrise. At the end I explored the overwhelming underworld of Mulu, a place of adventure and tranquility where you travel back in time by million of years.


Masirah, Oman by Łukasz of Gdzie są Kasperki

Locals said there’s nothing to see on Masirah (Oman), guidebooks said it’s worth a visit because of the very same reason – nothing to see, just a wild desert island. So, we decided to give it a try… and it turned out to be the most interesting experience in 2015! Putting up a tent inside a shed was just supposed to give us shelter from the wind, but after the sunset, we looked up at the sky and couldn’t believe our eyes – millions of stars! And then Omani bedu showed up out of nowhere, set the fire, started cooking, and invited us to join them for dinner! Perhaps there are no tourist attractions on the island, but five-million star hotel plus the dinner with bedouins was quite a unique experience.


Sukamade, Indonesia by Kinga of Gadulec

I saw many beautiful places in 2015 because of my few months trip to southeast Asia. At the end I think my favourite is in Indonesia. Sukamade is very small village in the national park on Java island. It is famous cause every night turtles are laying eggs on the beach. Tourists can see all the process which is really exciting. There is also kindergarden for turtles so when this animal is around 4 months old you can release him (or her) to the sea! I was there with my boyfriend and other couple on the January. Also the road to Sukamade was amazing cause it was rainy season, level of the river was high so that was not so easy to go there. We had to cross huge puddles by our scooters or took bamboo ferry. It was one of the big adventure in my life!


Wadi Shab, Oman by Natalia of the Faraway Wilderness

Something absolutely wonderful. I think this word is misused, but it perfectly describes Wadi Shab in Oman. In the world there are thousands of wadis and I believe Wadi Shab is that one you look for, if you are eager for beautiful views, an adventure with a true middle eastern touch. You love it or not, but this place makes you feel like Indiana Jones- beginner or advanced. From just walking between high rocks and palm trees with fresh dates under your feet (ok, you have to be lucky with the season) to climbing these rocks and trying cliff jumping into the green-turquoise water (well, Wadi Shab is the place you may know from RedBull Championships, what simply means just one thing – a big adventure). Just have a look and consider Oman as your next destination, I will definitely be back there.

Togean Islands, Sulawesi, Indonesia by Basia and Michał of Poniosło Nas

Togean Islands are one of those last paradise places almost untouched by globalisation. They are located in the middle of nowhere: you will not get Internet connection or mobile coverage there. Forget about shops or restaurants: meals are included in the accommodation prices (everybody gets a simple wooden hut at a very reasonable price; did I mention there is no running water?) and consist of food available in the islands: mainly fish. Therefore you may focus on one thing only: chilling out. You can choose among sunbathing at the beach, swimming or diving in the ocean or simply lying in a hammock. The more active ones can visit Bajau gypsies villages or stingless jellyfish lake. One thing you can be sure about is that you will lose track of time! We planned to spend 4 days there, we ended up with almost two weeks and still wished to stay longer!

Togean Ponioslo nas 1000px

Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy by Marta of Podróże od kuchni

I saw this amazing place this year in Italy. I expected much more from Civita di Bagnoregio than from other historical cities, because I watched a documentary on TV about it. The city met all my expectations and even exceeded them. I totally understand why it is called “the pearl of…Italy, Lazio, ect.” Civita di Bagnoregio is a Etruscan town which was built on top of a plateau of friable volcanic tuff. Thanks to this location it was a safe and beautiful ancient city, but later due to erosion it became the opposite. City residents lived in constant danger of destruction of their houses. Some of the buildings slid down the cliff. Many Italian moved to other cities in the region. Fortunately, Italy decided to save this beautiful town. That was the best decision that they could make, because this breathtaking city is worth every single Euro that was spent on it.


Istanbul, Turkey by Ibazela of Love Traveling

Someone told me once that Istanbul neither belongs to Europe, nor to Asia. Indeed Istanbul is a bridge between continents, cultures and religions, and the most vivid city I have ever been to. It’s not a coincidence that I’ve chosen the Asian side to live in. Imagine street musicians on every street corner, square and city park. Imagine people coming back from work, leaving their belongings on the sidewalk and dancing in the circle every night. Istanbul is not about Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, it’s about its citizens – people (and cats!), their hospitality, the taste of sahlep, when watching the ships going up the Bosporus and counting cars on the bridge on the other continent; it’s about tulip-shaped glass of tea on the ferry, nostalgic trams, street vendors, kids playing on the street in the neighbourhood of Syrian refugees, green city parks and muezzin prayers which wakes you up every day. City walls, even the most beautiful – without people mean nothing!


Langjökull glacier, Iceland by Natalia of Złota Proporcja

Going 30 meters beneath the surface of a glacier on Iceland – definitely it was the most exciting moment of 2015. We walked into Langjökull glacier through inconspicuous hole and then admired ice corridors, ice caves or even ice chapel. Everything around us was white and icy, we heard and saw water dripping on the walls and ceiling, but we were not afraid, we simply knew that corridors were not melting, just the snow on the Surface was melting in the rays of sun and going down through the crevasses. Corridors have around 550 meters and are totally man-made. There are people crazy enough to dig into a glacier, although they are conscious that their effort will last only for 10 or 15 years.


Jökulsárlón, Iceland by Szymon of Znajkraj

Hidden in the low hanging clouds, bathed in the drizzling rain, famous Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon was the most uncommon place during our Icelandic tour. We slept in the wild by the glacial lake, under Vatnajökull glacier, the largest glacier in Europe. At night we watched the seal fight on one of the many huge blocks of ice. But before we landed over Jökulsárlón, we watched the amazing spectacle performed by the ocean. When we reached the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, there were small block of white, silver or transparent ice lying on the black volcanic beach. It
was like a giant exhibition of the jewelry store. We were standing captivated by the extraordinary view when suddenly we heard new sounds – a huge, turquoise block of ice was lying in the water, crackling because of sudden changes in the surrounding temperature. After a moment there was the second one, third, tenth, hundredth – all of them creaking, sizzling… This has happened as if the ocean with his show was only waiting for our arrival.

Have you been to any of these places? What was the best place you’ve visited in 2015?

love, kami 2

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  • Reply
    Kinga Madro
    24/12/2015 at 09:13

    uwielbiam takie posty, bo zawsze mnie czymś zaskoczą. nie miałam jakoś potrzeby zawitania do Omanu, ale po zdjęciach Natalii coś mi się w głowie rusza :X

  • Reply
    Dorota Wrzask
    24/12/2015 at 10:19

    Madeira 3 razy – znam na wylot !

  • Reply
    STO historii
    24/12/2015 at 11:21

    Godna lista!:) Część z tych miejsc zdecydowanie jeszcze przed nami. Widzę, że nikt nie wspomniał Mongolii, więc my ją polecimy, bo to właśnie ten kraj rozłożył nas na łopatki swoją naturą, kulturą i ludźmi.

  • Reply
    Jo Olearczyk Gasieniec
    24/12/2015 at 11:22

    Zacne zestawienie :) przepiękne miejsca i zdjęcia! I choć na brak inspiracji nie narzekam, to chyba muszę swoją listę marzeń trochę przebudować ;)

  • Reply
    24/12/2015 at 13:40

    Great summery! I’ve never thought that Oman would be so popular :) I need to put it on my must see list!

    • Reply
      07/01/2016 at 22:44

      I was surprised too! Even though I’ve been thinking of Oman for few years as well ;)

  • Reply
    Nadia vs. the World
    26/12/2015 at 01:04

    Annapurna trekking in the Himalayas was the best thing I did in 2015. If any of you dream about going to Nepal – now it’s a good time to do so! Planning on going to Bolivia in 2016. Enjoy your next year’s travels Kami!

    • Reply
      07/01/2016 at 22:46

      I saw pictures from the trekking (apparently it was a really popular thing to do in 2015) and the views were just breathtaking! I’m adding it to my bucket list! Have a safe and amazing travels this year!

  • Reply
    26/12/2015 at 10:05

    So many inspirtaions, so many places to visit and consider to visit ;)
    I’m really happy that Sarajevo is on the list, especially that tomorrow I will be there for the third time.

    • Reply
      07/01/2016 at 22:46

      yeah, too many places, not enough time! And no wonder about Sarajevo, it’s a great place!

  • Reply
    26/12/2015 at 17:17

    That’s really great and inspiring list! I have to put few of them on my to-do-list! :) Good job Kami! :)

    • Reply
      07/01/2016 at 22:47

      Thanks! :) you will most likely be in or close to many places from the list during your #neverendinghoneymoon :D

  • Reply
    Ania Szymiec
    26/12/2015 at 19:26

    Tyle podróżniczych inspiracji w jednym miejscu! ❤ Super!!️ :)

  • Reply
    Agnieszka Ilnicka
    27/12/2015 at 10:54

    Ja jeszcze nie byłam w żadnym z tych miejsc. Ale teraz chociaż już wiem, co dodać do mojej listy! :)

  • Reply
    Justyna Śnieżek
    27/12/2015 at 14:34

    Widzę, że Oman i Islandia na topie ;) O ile w drugie miejsce nie specjlanie mnie ciągnie, to Oman z chęcią bym odwiedziła.

  • Reply
    Wiola Starczewska
    27/12/2015 at 20:04

    Capo Verde and Denmark got my interest, because: I used to live in Copenahgen and Portugal and I love, love, love both countries.

    • Reply
      07/01/2016 at 22:47

      I’ve never really considered Capo Verde as a destination for myself but now I’m slowly changing my mind ;)

  • Reply
    28/12/2015 at 11:19

    Rewelacja ! Dobre zestawienie, takie wyważone, raz zimno raz ciepło. Ja bym do tej listy jeszcze dodała ciepłą wyspę kanaryjska Teneryfę. Na pewno można się rozmarzyć patrząc na tą listę! :)

  • Reply
    28/12/2015 at 21:03

    OMG!!! Not sure what to choose. Great selection! Added to my list to follow :)

    • Reply
      07/01/2016 at 22:48

      It’s an epic list indeed!

  • Reply
    Agnieszka /Zależna w podróży
    29/12/2015 at 13:39

    I’ve read about Civita di Bagnoregio on Marta blog and since then it’s very high on my list! Great propositions. You guys covered all the world!

    • Reply
      07/01/2016 at 22:48

      we’re everywhere, I guess ;)

  • Reply
    Basia || Podróże Hani
    29/12/2015 at 21:05

    Hmmm, plan for 2016 is almost ready ;) Great propositions,
    unreal for us (now), but beautiful

    • Reply
      07/01/2016 at 22:49

      for now!!! :) few more years and things will change for you :)

  • Reply
    Edyta Knop
    30/12/2015 at 18:31

    Podróże wspaniałe.I jakie zdjęcia.Moim marzeniem jest podróż dookoła swiata

    • Reply
      07/01/2016 at 22:49

      trzymam kciuki, żeby udało się marzenie jak najszybciej zrealizować!

  • Reply
    01/02/2016 at 11:00

    We can recommend paradise island called Ilha Grande (Brazil)

    • Reply
      02/02/2016 at 23:20

      I heard it’s really lovely there! Hopefully one day…

  • Reply
    Hei Polen Reiser
    14/01/2019 at 11:22

    Krakow is a fantastic city and full of history. Should be on your list of places to visit. Your article is very useful my business.

    • Reply
      27/01/2019 at 15:39

      I agree Krakow is amazing. Thank you.

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