Best attractions of Niagara Falls

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It’s been a crazy two weeks, the weather is insanely hot and makes me wanna do nothing but relax hence I’m a little delayed with new posts here (and lazy with FB and Twitter;)) But better late than never, right? There’re still so many things from my latest trips I want to share with you! After telling you recently about my day trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls┬áit’s time to write about some of the best and funniest attractions in Niagara Falls!! Of course most of them involve water and the famous Falls but there were some other interesting options too. In this one day I’ve spent there I didn’t have a chance to check out everything Niagara Falls has to offer and I regret I couldn’t have stayed longer. Still my time there was packed with various activities and below you can read what I was lucky to experience there.


Maid of the Mist

The famous boat tour in Niagara Falls, something that every visitor there has to do! You get the fancy blue raincoat and off you go for one of the most exciting rides in your life! First on the left you pass American Falls with the massive water crashing on the big rocks. But the whole fun is about to begin! Once the boat is getting closer to the Horseshoe Falls you can feel the water on your face, all you see around is the dense mist and only by looking up to the sky you can figure out on which side the Falls are. The boat is dancing on the water, moving around from right to left and there’s nothing but the sound and view of majestic water around you! Truly unforgettable experience and so much fun! I was surprised how long the boat stayed inside the mist, we were there good few minutes yet it still wasn’t enough for me!


The Maid of the Mist has been a huge tourist attraction since 1854 (before that it used to operate as the ferry connecting Canada and the US). It seems like its popularity won’t stop anytime soon as it surely is the most important thing to do when you visit Niagara Falls. And on the sunny, warm day like the one I had it’s a real pleasure to go for this iconic, exciting boat ride!!

Journey Behind the Falls

Another exciting thing to do in Niagara Falls! This time you get the yellow raincoat, take the elevator from the Visitors Center in the Table Rock and suddenly you find yourself in the wet, slippery, dark and narrow corridors. You have two options then, both equally interesting. You can either walk straight to the observation platform where the water from the Horseshoe Falls will slap you in the face, big time. The Falls will be so close from you, you could almost touch it. This experience will surely take your breath away, it did mine! You can also admire the Maid of the Mist dancing offhand on the water so close to the Falls it looks so very thrilling! And the most beautiful rainbows over the water can be spot from the observation platfrom!


When you turn right after leaving the elevator you’ll find a long corridor on your left that will eventually lead you to the small place just behind the walls. There’ll be nothing else but majestic water falling down only few meters away from you. Even if you can see only a small part of the Falls the overall impression is really amazing!

The Niagara’s Fury

The thing is, if not the Niagara Adventure Pass I’d have never gone to the Niagara’s Fury. And I’d have regretted it big time. I’m a big fan of interactive museums and presentations and this one was the best I’ve ever seen. At first I was puzzled why I got yet another raincoat. We were asked to take a seat in a small cinema room to watch a movie, nothing that involves water. The movie was cute, “Ice Ages” – style and told the history how the Niagara Falls were created and has changed over centuries. When it was over we were asked to the next room and then the fun begun!


We were standing in a circle in the middle and around us the interactive show telling the history of Niagara Falls. The temperature dropped big time, there was lots of water splashing at us or snow falling down from up high, the ground was shaking. SO VERY COOL!! And all of that accompanied by the rumble of enormous amounts of water. The whole show lasted maybe 10 minutes but it was really amazing and made me realize why Niagara Falls is such a popular place, there’s definitely some magic in it!

The White Water Walk

This attraction is located a little bit further from the Falls themselves but the free shuttle bus can take you there in just few minutes. From the inconspicuous souvenir shops on the street level you’re taken by the elevator 70 meters down to edge of the river. But not any river, to Niagara River, the border between Canada and the US. It goes wildly and fast, the waves are jumping up high and the water has an incredible color.


The walk itself has a little over 70 meters and there’re two observation areas at the very edge of the river from where you can admire its power and beauty. The waves got as high as 3-5 meters which makes this place one of the larges series of whitewater in North America. There’s a chance to go to the Whirlpool Areo Car there (sadly I didn’t do that!) and that must be such an exciting adventure!!

Bird Kingdom

On the way from the train station to the Falls there’s the Bird Kingdom – one of the biggest aviaries in the world. It’s inhabited by over 300 birds, many of which are in danger. Besides birds there are also mammals, insects and reptiles. Most of the birds fly free around, sit on the handrails, pose gracefully to pictures and aren’t all that afraid of people. They are so beautiful, so colorful that hanging around them is actually the photographer’s heaven…


Bird Kingdom was voted Niagara Falls Attraction of the Year four times and I can see why. I must admit I’ve never been really interested in birds but after the visit in Bird Kingdom I’ve changed my mind. I’ve never thought that these animals can be so fascinating and so beautiful! I’ve noticed I pay more attention to birds around me now and admire them every day.


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Practical Information

The best thing you can do when visiting Niagara Falls is buying Niagara Adventure Pass. It costs 46,95$ (+tax) and covers first 4 attractions I’ve mentioned (Maid of the Mist, Journey Behind the Falls, Niagar’s Furry and White Water Walk) as well as 2 days free transportation on WeGo bus around Niagara Falls. The Pass helps you save 30% on admission prices. It’s available in various location around the Falls and the extremely helpful stuff from Niagara Parks will organize everything for you so your stay will go very smoothly. The entrance to Bird Kingdom has to be bought separately, it costs 13,00$ (+tax).

Which attraction would you like to visit the most in Niagara Falls?

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Note: I was guest of Niagara Falls Tourism and Niagara Parks however all the opinions are mine, as always.

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