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Barcelona street art in pictures

(Last Updated On: 14/03/2017)
I know I’ve been terrible with blogging these past week or so but last days were really insane and crazy here and on top of that it’s been crazily hot, thinking became a challeng ;) So today I’ll just share with you some of my fave street art pictures from Barcelona!





Street art in the capital of Catalunya is a big thing. The whole city is covered in various graffitis, murals, stickers or any other forms of art. Actually wherever you look you can be sure there’s gonna be something interesting to admire. Barri Gotic, the old quarter next to the famous Rambla, seems to be full of some great street art examples – the narrow streets and old houses make it even better.





The inhabitants are well aware of importance and value of the art and they seem to be proud of it. When I was walking around, admiring the graffitis and taking pictures the older guy stoped by next to me. He couldn’t speak English yet he took my hand and led me through the maze of nearby streets and corners, pointing to some awesome yet small pieces I’d probably never have seen myself…





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Even if I’ve never been a big fan of Barcelona the street art scene impressed me there, big time, and that itself is the reason why I wouldn’t mind returning there…





Do you like street art? Would you like to visit Barcelona?


barcelona street art pin (1)       barcelona street art pin (2)

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