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Amazing street art in Montreal

(Last Updated On: 14/03/2017)
Lately I’ve developed quite strong feelings for street art. I missed the moment when it happened, one day I just started noticing it around me here in Warsaw or during my travels and I’ve noticed how big impact it has in integrating local communities, how inspiring it can be to other creative souls passing by it each day or how big influence it has to the overall perception of the city. Every time when I notice a new mural, graffiti or installation it brings a big smile on my face. When I prepare myself to my travels I try to google which areas are the best to discover some street art and then I try to spend at least an hour or two looking for and at it.



I knew that Montreal has a decent street art scene but I didn’t expect it will be so big and so great. There’re great murals literally on every wall and a decent graffiti around each corner. I didn’t have to be careful not to miss it, it was just there, on every step! Of course some areas, like my favorite The Plateau, were richer in street art but it’s easy to find some amazing examples all over the city.



I heard from one of the Montrealers that once some graffiti is painted, the owner of the property has to pay for the damages and re-paint it. That’s why many owners hire professional street art artists to make murals on their houses – that way they can avoid high fees. Out of respect for the artist the work is not destroyed later on by another, maybe not that talented, guy or girl. Such a simple solution that makes Montreal one of the greatest cities when it comes to the street art.



But the city also helps with street art expansion. More and more abandoned or post-industrial buildings are given to the artists to transform them. Also city spaces such as bridges are the place to put out your creativity but not with just any random graffiti. Famous artists from around the world are invited to work in that very city. And they do a really great job,  I found most of street art examples in Montreal a real piece of arts!



When I googled “Montreal street art” I got lots and lots of hits showing awesome pieces, one better than another and each of them unique. But only on 5th or 6th page I found mural that I managed to find when walking around in Montreal! The number of street art examples is endless there and even a very picky person will find something to like there, I’m more than sure of that!



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Even if you’re not a big fan of street art I recommend you looking for it around Montreal. The variety of  work is so big there, the level of it is really high that who knows, this might be the place where you find your interest in it, just like I did recently. I wish I could spend more time in Montreal as then I’d definitely dedicate one day for street art hunt itself!

Are you a fan of street art too? Which cities are the best for street art?

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Note: I was a guest of Tourism Montreal and  Quebec Original however all opinions are mine, as always.

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