Absolutely beautiful travel destinations you shouldn’t miss this 2016

(Last Updated On: 16/02/2017)
Wondering where to go next this year? Well, don’t go scrounging the internet for good-enough places. Here’s list of some of the world’s most wonderful locations that you can check off your travel bucket list.

Aspen, Colorado

A top location for the rich and famous, Aspen offers celebrity spotting along with some of the world’s most stunning views. Aspen is a star-studded skier’s haven, and a great all year-round romantic outdoor destination for its amazing scenery, super accommodations, and bustling pubs and clubs.
Fifteen miles southwest of Aspen you will find Maroon Bells which is famous for its lake, alpine meadows, and accessible vehicle access. Get to the T Lazy 7 Ranch and experience horseback rides and camping trips. It’s all here in Aspen!

Corsica Island, France

Visit Corsica with your friends, family or loved one. This gorgeous French island is located just off the coasts of France and Italy and is so beautiful that you’ll want someone there with you to experience the breathtaking views and plethora of charming corners.
Rent a boat out of the resort village of Porto and see the stunning bright white Calanques, long-walled bays and stone cliffs rising over the emerald sea. Visit the thirteenth-century Calvi Citadel or wind your way on mountain roads toward the village of Calvi for an eventful dinner before your night out.

Kauai – Hawaii

A perfect destination for lovebirds, this island paradise will make you want to renew your vows or simply get in the mood for sweet loving. Blessed with natural splendor, Kauai offers splendid beaches, refreshing sunsets, tropical flowers bursting with colors, steep cliffs and canyons.
Get your heart pumping with a waterfall dive, zip-line tour, and an adventure complete with a visit to a secluded swimming hole. Plan your trip now and start dreaming on an amazing weekend escapade.

Guangxi, China

Located just south of China on the Gulf of Tonkin and sharing the boarder with Vietnam, the Guangxi Province is a place unlike any other with its subtropical climate, rugged mountains, and lush landscapes. After you visit the colorful caves, former royal complex and pagodas in the capital Guilin, you can drift down the river amid wonderful karst peak terraces. Lastly, taste the region’s famous rice noodles.

Chachapoyas, Peru

Nestled away in the Andean foothills in Northeast Peru, Chachapoyas is overshadowed by amazing hotspots like Machu Picchu. This means that you get to enjoy the magical place all by yourself while still being near the cosmopolitan area.
This abode is dripping with natural beauty and grace; the rainforest is rich with fantastic bromeliads and ferns dotted with pristine waterfall dew. Visit the ruins near Chachapoyas and trek your way to Machu Picchu’s archeological remains. That’ll complete your adventure.


Vanuatu is a world-wide favorite destination for travelers wanting a unique tropical destination relatively untouched by massive tourism trades. In fact, so beautiful is Vanuatu that it was ranked sixth on the Lonely Planet’s list of the Top Ten Countries in the eagerly-awaited annual publication titled Best in Travel 2011.
Lonely Planet’s Asia-Pacific travel editor Shawn Low says that Vanuatu made the list for its unrivalled authentic cultural experiences. Affordable flights to Vanuatu is available online as your next travel destination with your special someone.


There you have it! 6 destinations to experience this 2016! Pack your bags now (or start saving) for your next adventure.

(Photo by Phillip Capper under the Creative Commons licence)

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