5 places I’d love to come back to

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It’s funny how music can connect you to travelling. This latest System of a Down concert I went to in Prague made me feel like revisiting Armenia right away and now I just can’t stop thinking of returning to that amazing country in the Caucasus (for those who are not familiar with SOAD music – all band members are of Armenian descent and their lyrics are full of Armenian-related issues, mostly the Genocide). But even if I’m up for visiting new places there’re couple of other destinations, besides Armenia, that I’d love to come back too sooner or later.


1. Armenia

Since I’ve already mentioned it – yes, I’d love to visit Armenia again. I was there in summer 2012 only for 4 days. I got a really excellent flight price, the best in the history I guess (90€ for return flights Warsaw – Yerevan – Warsaw), I spent 2 sleepless nights to get these ;) and it was so worth it! For whatever reason post-Soviet countries fascinate me big time and Armenia didn’t disappoint me. It’s one of the oldest countries in the world, established in 6th century BC, Yerevan is older than Rome and Armenia is the first country in the world that adopted Christianity as its religion. All of that already proves how interesting place it is and how much history is hidden there. And even if I used my 4 days in Armenia to the fullest, exploring not only Yerevan but also other important places such as Lake Sevan, Geghard, Garni, Khor Virap, Noravank and Etchmiadzin it still wasn’t enough for me!. Now I’d like to return for some longer time and took things easy there. Spend some time in Yerevan enjoying their amazing cafe culture (one of the biggest surprises about the city!), get to know some local people and talk to them about their history, culture and roots (Armenians are a fascinating nation with a difficult history). Travel around by marshrutka, visit some random, less know places. Get to know the real Armenia and its people.


For more pictures from Armenia click here

2. Georgia

My trip to Georgia in 2011 happened to be the craziest journey I had so far in my life! I went there on my own, with no real plan and with only first night booked. From the very first moment it was an epic journey. I met some amazing fellow travellers that are my friends till now and with whom I shared some of the craziest adventures. There was the weirdest CouchSurfing experience ever, hitchhiking in the Armenian truck through Caucasus, being “kidnapped” by Georgians to experience their awesome hospitality… But among all these insane stories Georgia is an extremely beautiful country and has everything a traveller can wish for. There’s the charming capital city Tbilisi with the bohemian old town (and I mean really old), Caucasus mountains offer one of the most breathtaking views in the world, there’re old, amazing cave towns and after the busy time exploring Georgia the Black Sea is waiting for you to relax in. In my almost 2 weeks there I managed to experience everything this another amazing Caucasus country has to offer yet I’d love to come back for more!


Sadly in past two years Georgia became extremely popular among tourists, especially Polish. There are even low costs airlines flying there and the news that come from there aren’t too good. With too many people visiting the country is slowly losing its off the beaten path charm, locals see their interests in so many tourists and well, Georgia is becoming overcrowded. I’m glad I managed to visit it before it all started. And I must admit that no matter how much I’d love to return I’m slightly afraid to do so as all my awesome memories might just disappear…


For more pics from Georgia click here.

3. Bosnia

Ever since I remember I’ve been fascinated with the Balkans and Bosnia in particular. Not only it’s an extremely beautiful part of the world it’s also such a mix of cultures and religions that makes it so unique. I think the biggest reason why Balkans has been so fascinating to me ever since I remember was its troublesome history, so recent I still remember it from my childhood. For the reason I can’t define I’m interested in all kinds of Genocide as I just don’t understand that and I’m a very racional person who has to have an explanation to everything. When I finally visited the Balkans last autumn I was struck by the incredible beauty of the place! Busy Belgrade, breathtaking train ride down to Bar, turquoise see meeting high mountains, old towns with narrow, cobbled streets and red roofs or cosy cities – all of these I found in the Balkans. But only in Bosnia I could see the tragic, recent history so clearly. Even if the Old Town around the famous Old Bridge in Mostar was all shining it was enough to walk few steps further to see the real face of the city. Destroyed houses or blocks of flats full of bullet holes yet with people still living in them showed very clearly that the war ended just a while ago. Sarajevo was even more traumatic. While the city doesn’t have as many ruins as in Mostar, it has the most touching museum ever, showing the life under the siege. Then when walking around the city it’s easy to accidentaly step onto one of the Sarajevo Roses and when you look around you can spot quite many cemetries on the surrounding hills with graves of people who died during the siege (over 11.000 people lost their lives then). Even if I was slightly dissapointed with Sarajevo now I’m obsessively thinking about returning there to dig deeper into the recent history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most likely I’ll be there again this November!


For more pictures from the Balkans click here.

4. Portugal

Portugal was one of the first countries I’ve ever visited, it was during my epic train trip across the Europe in 1997 (my first time ever abroad). I loved it there big time hence Portugal had a special place in my heart ever since. I managed to return there once more, in 2005 and well, it was one of the best and craziest trips so far! That’s where I tried CouchSurfing for the first time and to sum up that experience let’s say I was supposed to be in Portugal for 6 days – I’ve stayed twice as long! I’ve managed to visit a big part of the country, not only the main attractions but also off he beaten path places I’ve never heard of but turned out to be awesome. Every single person I met was incredibly friendly and hospitable and I think that was the main reason why I loved Portugal so much. Add to that delicious yet cheap food and amazing landscapes and you have a perfect combination. For few months now I’ve been thinking about going back there to see if it’s still such a great country like in my memories. I know once I see cheap flights to Portugal I’ll book them right away!


For more pictures from Portugal click here.

5. Scotland

Even if I’m not a big fan of England its northern neighbour is a completely different story. I was there only once, for a weekend in March 2 years ago, and I loved it so very much! Edinburgh was just the prettiest with its stoned medieval architecture and the castle overlooking the city and strolling down the cobbled streets was a pure pleasure. Sadly when I went for the daytrip to the nearby mountains and Loch Ness the weather was the worst possible and I could see nothing. That’s itself the reason why I really want to go back as I so would love to explore properly Scottish mysterious castles, hike the beautiful mountains or just keep wandering around Edinburgh. And I really need to see if Nessie really exists!


For more pictures from Scotland click here.

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These are just 5 places I’d love to return to and get to know them better. For whatever reason they all fascinated me in a way and I’m dreaming of learning more about them, the history, the culture, everyday life. There’re still so many places I’m hoping to visit but if I have a chance to return to any of the places mentioned above I wouldn’t need much time to decide!

What are the places you’d love to come back to? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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