5 places every “The Sound of Music” fan should visit in his life

The hills are alive with a sound of music indeed if you even decide to make a road trip and visit at least these five fantastic places which were pictured in Robert Wise’s 1965 movie masterpiece called “The Sound of Music”! It is worth mentioning, that all of these destinations we are going to share bellow are located in Austria, and particularly in Salzburg, well, simply because the whole movie was set in there!

So, for your next Austrian vacation consider visiting these amazing places where this legendary film was shot and sing along the best tunes with your whole heart out! Book hotels right away, pack your bags and memorize the songs once more – you are going to want to sing once you are in there for sure!

Mirabell Palace and Gardens

Let’s start our countdown with the place you will recognize instantly. In Mirabell Palace and Garden the most iconic and legendary song from the movie “Do-Re-Mi” was finished with Maria and all the children, and yes – you can totally walk down there and sing along the tunes as well. But don’t stop just here – Mirabell palace is rich in history as it once was a concert venue for Leopold Mozart, and was a cultural center for the whole city as well. Right now it is the house the Salzburg Mayoral and Municipal Council offices, and the best part is that visiting is free there too!


Frohnburg Palace

This site is, sadly, not free to visit, just because it is actually a private dorm and concert venue for a Salzburg educational institution. However, we firmly believe that if you ask politely, you can walk down there and get a chance to check out the house which was the Von Trapp residence in the movie. The front courtyard and outer facades of this building were used for the external shots of the family home, so just by walking around it, you can feel like walking in the movie just for a little bit.



This pretty hard to pronounce location was the one where the film’s Von Trapps’ final farewell to Austria took place. Right now, Felsenreitschule is a busy concert venue, which you can tour with a professional guide. Visitors can check out the property freely, but take notice that you might need to fit the busy performance calendar since it remains a functioning concert venue and you can’t just walk around during the concert. On the other hand – support the hall and enjoy their excellent performances by buying a ticket to one of their shows.


The Sound of Music Pavilion

The biggest parts of the movie’s romantic scenes were shot in this glass gazebo, so if you are a real fan of this film, you have to stop by there as well. At first, this gazebo was located on the grounds of Schloss Leopoldskron, but it was later relocated to Hellbrunn Palace Park to be more available to tourists. However, we have some sad news here – the gazebo is actually locked due to a high number of dancing-related injuries among tourists who tried to re-create the famous dancing scene of the movie. But otherwise, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the gazebo and the spirit of the film too!


The Mehlweg Valley

And let’s end up the list with the Hills itself! It is a little bit further away from Salzburg and just across the German border, but we do believe that a road trip there will be worth every minute. Not only here you can sing out loud with a sound of music, but also gaze upon beautiful scenery as well. However, take notice that this is private property, and if you really want to react the music number, ask the owner if you can walk down there and sing along.


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