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5 days in Malta – my itinerary

(Last Updated On: 10/07/2018)

In recent years Malta has become one of the most popular summer destination among Poles (and especially among Polish travel bloggers). There are direct cheap flights from couple of Polish cities, it’s not difficult to find tickets in the decent price therefore lots and lots of people headed to these small islands in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. I was one of them, in autumn I’ve spent 5 days in Malta.

5 days in Malta - itinerary, Valletta

Malta was one of the last counties in Europe I yet had to visit (now it’s only Andorra left). When I found flights from Wrocław with a good schedule and even better prices I didn’t think twice and just booked them.

Couple of months later I arrived to the very south of Europe and was more than ready to spend 5 days in Malta. It was the end of October, the weather was just perfect – warm and sunny but not too hot so sightseeing was actually very pleasant. And even if there were many tourists around it didn’t feel too crowded. If you consider visiting Malta October might be just the best time to do it!

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5 days in Malta – practical information

Before I share my itinerary with you here’s a bunch of information you might need to plan your days in Malta better and to give you the background of my trip.

Where to stay in Malta

I based myself in Sliema – a town located just across the bay from Valletta, the capital of Malta. It just seemed like the best location with really good bus connections all over the island, quick ferries to Valletta and various accommodation options to choose from – no wonder it’s the place where most of the tourists in Malta choose to stay in.

The hostel were I slept was located just up the street from the main bus and ferry stops, in the heart of Sliema. It took me no more than 5 minutes to get there and leave Sliema to explore the country, there’s also a direct bus to/from the airport. I think Sliema is the best base in Malta you can choose and the views across the bay to Valletta are just the prettiest!

-> Check out the best deals on accommodation in Sliema! (click!) <-

5 days in Malta - itinerary, Sliema

Public transport in Malta

The best way to travel around Malta is by public transport. The extensive bus network covers islands of Malta and Gozo and helps you get just about everywhere. However some bus lines don’t run very often, there’re places where you need to wait up to one hour for the next connection. After arriving to the new place the best would be to check when is the bus to your next destination and plan your visit with that in mind. There’re schedules listed on every stop.

5 days in Malta - itinerary

To have the best of your 5 days in Malta I recommend you buying the “Tallinja Card: Explore 7 days” card. It costs 21€ and allows you unlimited travels in both Malta and Gozo, including night services. A single ticket bought from the driver is 1.50€ in the winter time, 2€ in the summer and 3€ for night connections. I was calculating what would work better for exploring Malta in 5 days and it turned out the card is the best option.

Every time when you enter the bus you need to validate the journey in the machine next to the driver. You can buy the card at the airport or at the bus terminal in Valletta (just outside of the city walls). Be sure to take from there the map of the bus network with you – it will be your best friend for next 5 days in Malta! You can find more about the public transport in the country at the official website of Malta Public Transport.


There’s the downside of Malta public transport too: buses don’t run all that often in numerous areas (sometimes you need to wait even around 1 hour) and in the peak season they might get really full and don’t even stop at your stop (that happened to me twice). You can also use hop-on hop-off buses that cover numerous tourist attractions and provide you audio guide along the way. Click here for details and booking!

To get to Gozo you need to take the bus to the ferry terminal in Cirkewwa. Boats depart every 45 minutes and the journey time is around 25 minutes. When going to Gozo you don’t need to buy the ticket, you pay only once, when departing on the way back. The return ticket is 4.65€. Here’s the official website of the ferry company.

5 days in Malta - itinerary, Cirkewwa

Day 1 in Malta: Sliema

I arrived to Malta airport shortly after noon. I stopped at the tourist info to get the map of the country, got my public transport ticket and was ready to go and see what the country has to offer. Bus X2 took me from the airport directly to Sliema, the journey time was around 1 hour. You can also book the private transfer which is much more convenient and not that expensive – click here for more details!

I took things easy on that day. After checking in to the hostel I went for a lunch and walked around until early evening hours. The views of Valletta were really amazing and I spent way too much time just sitting on the rocks and enjoying the place. Also the walk along the shore was really pleasant. I even managed to discovered some decent street art around the beach – it was a nice surprise as somehow I never connected Malta with street art.

Day 2 in Malta: Valletta, Marsaxlokk and Mdina

I started my day with taking the ferry to Valletta . The journey takes some 15 minutes, the ticket costs 1.50€ one way/2.80€ return and the boats depart every 30 minutes from early morning till late evening (here you can find the schedule). The ferry will take you right to the entrance of the UNESCO listed old town – you just need to climb steep streets to get there.

Immediately you’re transformed to another world, so different than busy and modern Sliema. It feels like the time has stopped there: store windows look vintage, life goes slow and the whole old town (except of the main pedestrian street) was a tranquil place. I loved it from the very beginning but I kind of expected that – for years every time when I saw pictures from Valletta my heart beat faster.

I hid the map and let myself take random streets around, get lost in this charming and picturesque place. My steps took me to Lower Barrakka Gardens, a quiet place with stunning views – for me it was the most picturesque point in Valletta and I was so surprised there were hardly any people around, unlike in Upper Barrakka Gardens.

Before I got to the second one I also took some random streets and found myself in the Middle Eastern quarter with Turkish, Armenian or Persian shops (signs, flags etc). It was the only place I’ve seen so far where Turkey and Armenia neighbor peacefully. From there it was a short walk up to Upper Barrakka Gardens that also offer amazing views but was a much busier place.

You can also discover Valletta with the organized walking tour where you could learn a lot about the place. Click here for the details and prices!

I’ve decided to leave Valletta and go to the next destination I really wanted to visit – Marsaxlokk. It’s a small village in the south-east corner of Malta and from the pictures I’ve seen online it looked just perfect. And it was just like that! The bay around the village was full of colorful fisherman boats, typical of the place. Some of them have so called “Osiris eyes” – they’re supposed to see everything around and protect boats from sinking.

On Sundays the village is busy with its famous fish market but on the random weekday it’s just a sleepy place with beautiful views. I’ve stayed there for lunch – numerous restaurants serving local specialties fringe along the waterside – eating in such a delightful scenery was a pure pleasure!

You can visit Marsaxlokk and nearby Blue Grotto on the tour to save yourself from the hassle of public transport and see much more on that day! Click here for the details and prices!

It was around 2pm when I left Marsaxlokk and headed to Mdina (with a quick change of buses in Valletta) – a fortified little town with picturesque narrow streets, known also as “silent city”. It’s perfect to wander around but one hour is enough to see every single corner of Mdina.

Unfortunately when I got to one end to admire the breathtaking view of half of Malta I could see a massive storm coming. I was still hoping I will manage to see the rest of the town before it starts raining but less than 5 minutes later the sky opened.

I haven’t seen such a huge rain in ages! It was impossible to walk on the slippery cobblestones, the lanes were flooded in a moment. I managed to find a little corner to hide but I was literally terrified when the sound of thunders was ringing between the walls… I don’t know how long I’ve stayed there but when the rain abated I ran to the nearest bus stop to catch the bus back to Sliema.

The second half of my day didn’t go as planned: Mdina looked really lovely but I’ve seen maybe half of it, I also had to skip nearby Dingli Cliffs that were still in my agenda. But sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Mdina and surroundings deserve the whole day actually! To make thing easier you can go for the tour covering the area – you can check the details and prices here!

Day 3 in Malta: Mellieha, Golden Bay, Paradise Bay

I spent half of the day visiting my friend’s sister who lives in Mellieha. From there I took a bus to nearby Golden Bay and it was indeed stunning! I hiked around a little bit and just loved the views, it was perfect with golden sandy beach and waves crashing into the rocks.

From there I took the bus to Cirkewwa – the point from where ferries to Gozo depart. While the majority of people come here only for the ferry I went for yet another hike. There were hardly any trails or marked paths, I just randomly walked in the opposite direction than ferries, next to the majestic cliffs and with breathtaking views around.

It was around 5kms but I wish it was many more, I enjoyed it so much. And while there were many people everywhere else, during this hike I was all on my own, just with my thoughts and a beautiful scenery. Too bad at this point it was getting dark, I would keep walking all the way down to the Poppeye Village. Still, it was a really nice and active day and the views around were worth all the effort!

Day 4 in Malta: Daytrip to Gozo

When visiting this small Mediterranean country it’s a must to spend at least a day in Gozo. For me it was the fourth day of my 5 days in Malta. Gozo is one of the 3 islands that Malta consists of (the 3rd one is Comino) yet the overall vibe is so much different. I must say I enjoyed Gozo much more than the main island!

I left Sliema in the morning, had a quick change for a ferry and then for the bus to the capital of Gozo – Victoria. I was there before 11 am so my timing was very good. My first thought was to start sightseeing there, in the city, but in the end I left it for the afternoon. As it turned out it was a mistake – Citadella, the most interesting part of Victoria, closes down at 5 pm (and I arrived there shortly after).

5 days in Malta - itinerary, Gozo

I started my day in Gozo with its biggest attraction – Azure Window (that unfortunately is gone now…). I heard it’s overrated and really crowded so didn’t have my expectations too high but actually the place is really spectacular. Yes, there were many people but it wasn’t hard to escape them – the majority of tours come there just for few minutes to take a picture. If you use the public transport (like I did) you have one hour at Azure Window and that’s more than enough time to enjoy the place, wander around, take picture from every single angle and contemplate the place. I really loved it there! Even if now you obviously can’t see Azure Window anymore I still think it’s a lovely spot to visit, especially for Game of Thorones fans!

From Azure Window I went to the other side of Gozo – a small village Marsalforn. At first sight it looks like a cute little Mediterranean place and nothing more but it actually hides a really unique spot – salt pans! They are located a little bit behind the town and to get there I had to pass one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen.

OK, the beach itself maybe wasn’t so great but the water was insanely clear and the massive rocks around made the place look incredible! It’s hard to impress me these days but this place certainly did so!

Only few steps away I found the salt pans and these were amazing too, and so picturesque! I was surprised how come there’s no one around, I had the place all to myself. It was the first time I’ve ever seen salt pans, until then I had no idea how the whole process looks like! My advise – if you visit Gozo don’t miss the salt pans!

I also had Ramla Beach very high on my list of places to visit in Gozo but I wasn’t sure if I can make it there in such a short time. To my great surprise I found there’s a direct bus from Marsalforn and headed to Ramla Beach right away. It was the right decision!

The place looked even better than on the pictures, the color of the sand was so intense! I climbed up higher to see the beach in all its glory – what a spectacular scenery! Too bad I didn’t know that a little bit higher there’s an abandoned hotel! Exploring it would have made the whole visit in Gozo just perfect! But still Ramla Bay was just as I imagined, the prettiest!

After returning to Victoria I was hoping to see the Citadelle but – as I mentioned above – it was unfortunately closed. But I still had a chance to wander around the city and I found it surprisingly pleasant.

Before heading back to Malta I had a dinner at one of the town’s squares – the place was getting ready for the local festival, kids were playing, older people were chatting over coffee and I was the only tourist around. I just looked around, trying to remember all the details, it was one of these perfect moments I wanted to remember forever.

Too bad it was getting late, I could have easily stay there longer and just enjoy the place. There was something I really liked about Gozo, probably the laid-back vibe. If I ever return to Malta I could spend all my time in Gozo, that’s for sure!

In Gozo I wasted too much time waiting for buses – hop-on hop-off bus could be a better option actually. You can check the details and book tickets here!

If you feel lazy with all the bus – ferry – bus hassle you can visit Gozo on a tour from Malta – it sounds like a great way to discover the smaller island. Click here for the details and prices of the highly rated tour!

Day 5 in Malta: Valletta, Victoriosa

My flight back home was late in the afternoon, almost at 6 pm, so I had big plans to use my last day as much as I could. I was also lucky that on that very night the time had change and I woke up really early, giving me even more time for sightseeing.

I arrived to Valletta just after 8 am, the city felt abandoned and I couldn’t be happier to have it all to myself. I wandered aimlessly around, taking random streets here and there or finding one of the best street art pieces – 3D gummy bears (so good someone mentioned them at my Facebook page!). Valletta really might be one of the most charming and picturesque capitals in Europe! When I was done with sightseeing the streets were slowly filling up with people yet I was ready to move to my next destination.

Before visiting Malta I’ve heard from many people that Victoriosa is the most beautiful town in the island hence I couldn’t skip it. And it was indeed really lovely but it didn’t charm me as much as I expected. It could have been also because I was slowly starting to feel really bad and from that moment things went terribly wrong.

My last day in Malta turned into the worst day in my traveling history (you can read all about it in my post “When solo female travel sucks”) and I had to ditch all my plans for my last hours of the trip. I was even close to missing my flight but at the end everything was fine…

To be honest I didn’t fall for Malta. When looking at pictures of beautiful cities in Malta I had expected I’m gonna love it but it was just fine. The views were amazing, that’s for sure, but I just didn’t feel the place and I might be the first person who said that out loud.

I had the impression that the country is perfect either for families with kids or retired people so maybe my time to fully enjoy Malta hasn’t come yet? I also felt I might be the only (or one of the very few) solo travelers there, it’s just not the kind of destinations for people who travel on their own. But still I believe it’s worth visiting and 5 days in Malta seem to be just right time to explore the country.



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Flights – I search for the best deals on either Momondo or SkyScanner. Both search numerous sites to find the best offers. I also really like the “everywhere” option when searching for the flights as it often gives me the inspiration, if not for this trip then for the next time.

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  1. Erin
    01:28 25/01/2016

    Hey! Was glad to read this post as I actually went there on my own last May! It was my first solo trip actually and I came all the way from Canada lol. I ended up renting a room in a house with a Maltese family through air bnb and I think this was a HUGE part of why I had such a great time. I made ( what I hope to be) life long friends, had a short romance and in general felt like part of the family. It will always hold a place in my heart for sure. I hope to return some day.

    I did not know about those gummy bears tho! Really cool! The only thing I wish you did was Mdina at night. It is a truly magical and breathtaking experience to see Mdina at night and if you ever go back it would be my #1 suggestion. If you want to see my pics from my trip add me on Instagram @erin0717. Cheers!

    • kami
      22:42 28/01/2016

      Hi Erin! Thanks for your comment and for sharing your Malta experience! I can imagine staying with a local family (and such a great one as you described) can make the whole big difference. It’s definitely a good country for a first solo trip as things are pretty straightforward there. Next time I will definitely try to make it to Mdina at night, I already liked it in the day time, only the rain spoiled everything. I will definitely look you up on Instagram! Cheers!

  2. Sylwia Pietrzykowska
    18:54 25/01/2016

    2 inne blogerki tez byly na jesieni i teraz na Malcie ;)

    • Agnieszka Ptaszyńska
      19:22 25/01/2016

      Malta blogerską destynacją roku ;)

    • Sylwia Pietrzykowska
      19:24 25/01/2016

      Agnieszka Ptaszyńska dokładnie ;) ale przynajmniej mam teraz wiele zródeł informacji, jesli tam kiedys pojade jak były z 4 blogerki w ciagu ostatniego roku.

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      19:29 25/01/2016

      dokładnie to napisałam w pierwszym zdaniu w poście ;)

  3. Krystian Łysyganicz
    20:18 25/01/2016

    Malta na razie kojarzy mi się tylko z filmikiem na yt “the italian man who went to Malta” :D Tak czy siak kiedyś na pewno się tam wybiorę!

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      07:29 26/01/2016

      o tak, dobre to było :D

  4. Karina Chodorowska
    20:38 25/01/2016

    Fajna relacja. Choc dziwie sie, ze Malta Cie nie zachwycila. Bylam tam w pazdzierniku i niesamowicie mi sie podobalo. Mysle, ze tam jeszcze wroce :-) ale gusta sa rozne.

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      07:29 26/01/2016

      było fajnie i widoki zdecydowanie zachwycały, ale czegoś mi tam brakowało, chociaż sama do końca nie wiem czego :) chyba po prostu nie mój klimat, chociaż bardzo doceniam miejsce :) no i Gozo zdecydowanie wygrało!

    • Karina Chodorowska
      07:38 26/01/2016

      Mnie zachwycila Valetta :-) No i Gozo oczywiscie tez!

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      07:42 26/01/2016

      Valletta też urocza, szczególnie z samego rana jak jeszcze ludzi nie było :)

    • Jak tam jest?
      11:51 27/01/2016

      My mieliśmy dokładnie te same odczucia co Ty – ładnie, ale dopóki nie zrobimy kursu nurkowego raczej tam nie wrócimy. Gozo wygrywa po stokroć! Niemniej jednak czasu spędzonego na Malcie i Gozo nie żałujemy, super naładowaliśmy baterie i widoki były tez niczego sobie, ale tak jak mówisz- chyba nie ten sposób podróżowania, jaki lubimy :)

  5. Kinga Bielejec
    20:43 25/01/2016

    Też byłam na Malcie, wczesną jesienią. Ciekawa jestem czy mamy podobne spostrzeżenia…

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      07:30 26/01/2016

      chyba nie do końca, jestem jedyną póki co osobą, która Malta sie nie zachwyciła ;)

    • Kinga Bielejec
      09:12 26/01/2016

      Mnie nie zachwyciła, ale na pewno bardzo mi się podobało. Po prostu potrzebowałam chwili odpoczynku, w dodatku byłam z fajną ekipą. No i nurkowanie pierwsza klasa. Więc dużo zależy też od tego co, z kim i gdzie dokładnie się robiło :) I oczywiście czego się oczekiwało.

  6. Joanna Łukasiewicz
    21:00 25/01/2016

    Może nie w najbliższych – ale w planach mam.. :) No i najbardziej się chyba jednak nie mogę doczekać Lazurowego okna.

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      07:29 26/01/2016

      Lazurowe Okno zdecydowanie robi wrażenie. Myślałam, że jest przereklamowane, ale tak bardzo sie myliłam!

  7. Darek Jedzok
    08:22 26/01/2016

    Mieliśmy jechać w zeszłym roku, ale znajomi powiedzieli, że drogo i turystycznie. Prawda to? Bo fotki wyglądają bardzo zachęcająco…

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      08:24 26/01/2016

      trochę tak, chociaż ja chyba jestem przyzwyczajona już do standardów cenowych Wschodniej Europy i wszedzie na Zachodzie będę uważała, że drogo ;) turystycznie też jest, chociaż łatwo od tłumów uciec. Generalnie raczej się nie zanosi, żeby się to odmieniło, więc powinniście jechać jak będzie okazja, bo ładnie tam dość :)

    • Darek Jedzok
      08:48 26/01/2016

      Ok, dzięki wielkie – w takim razie zapolujemy na bilety :)

    • Life Good Morning
      22:52 28/01/2016

      Ja tam kocham Maltę, ale wszystko kwestia gustu:)

  8. Janek Piętek
    09:13 26/01/2016

    Szaleństwo z tą Maltą ;) Dobre i tanie loty jednak niesamowicie nakręcają ruch (i dobrze, ja mam teraz na celowniku Macedonię i Skopie z Katowic). Ciekawe ilu w losowym samolocie trafia się blogerów podróżniczych ;) To coś jak lecieliśmy na Islandię Wizzem z rowerami, myśląc, że jesteśmy oryginalni i już na lotnisku w Gdańsku poznaliśmy 8 innych rowerzystów :)

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      06:37 28/01/2016

      właśnie mam wrażenie, że w zeszłym roku wszyscy byli albo na Islandii albo na Malcie, ewentualnie tu i tu ;)

  9. balkanyrudej
    10:23 26/01/2016

    I can agree that Malta is popular among Poles. Some of my friends had the opportunity to spent some time there and I think most of theme were quite impressed with the time they had in Malta.
    But thanks to Your photos I can also see that Malta is not only rocks and beautiful beaches, but is also interesting street art destination ;)

    • kami
      22:49 28/01/2016

      I was actually surprised with their street art scene! Didn’t expect that in Malta at all! There’s definitely more to the country than just rocks and beaches, I really enjoyed charming towns as well! But still don’t think I will be back anytime soon ;)

  10. Michal
    15:56 26/01/2016

    I must admit that none of my friends visited Malta so far (and neither did I), I think there are more popular destinations among Poles, mainly because it is said to have rocky beaches, not the paradise ones. But looking at your pictures it looks quite nice, especially Azure Window:-). Perhaps I will follow your advice and go there with kids or once I am a bit older;-). Cheers!

    • kami
      22:51 28/01/2016

      Of course there’re more popular destinations but in last year Malta definitely got so much more publicity thanks to the cheap flights! And there are some really lovely sandy beaches too, I visited few of them and they were pretty gorgeous! Still it’s better to wait with your visit there! ;)

  11. Kanoklik
    21:01 26/01/2016

    Ja właśnie jestem. Myślę, ze na zimowe dni Malta to dobra opcja. Tu jest około 20 stopni, świeci słońce i do tego jest co zwiedzać.

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      06:37 28/01/2016

      zdecydowanie! w ogóle uważam, że należym zimą chociaż na chwilkę wyskoczyć tam gdzie ciepło i słonecznie. Dlatego właśnie dziś do Włoch lecę ;)

    • Kasia R. Waka
      07:58 28/01/2016

      Kami and the rest of the world o super. Ja bylam we Wloszech 2 tyg temu i tez bylo slonecznie i cieplo. Milego wyjazdu zycze :-)

    • Life Good Morning
      22:52 28/01/2016

      Szczęściary:) Ja już z Malty wróciłam i mnie nosi:)

  12. Asia/ Lisy w drodze
    13:23 27/01/2016

    Cudownie zachęcasz fotografią do exploringu Malty. Wystarczy dokładnie przeczytać wskazówki i wakacje gotowe! A street art z Sliemy (dół tułowia mężczyzny) oraz żelki na ulicy – zarąbiste!

    • kami
      22:51 28/01/2016

      dzięki :) żelki rozwaliły system, jeden z lepszych przykładów kreatywnego street artu jaki widziałam!

  13. Jarek Szczygielski
    06:39 28/01/2016

    Malta – księżniczka wysp?:P

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      22:17 28/01/2016

      oj tam od razu księżniczka ;)

  14. TravelingRockhopper Maja
    07:47 28/01/2016

    tez zwiedzalam Malte poza sezonem (w lutym) i bylo cudownie :)

    • Kami and the rest of the world
      22:17 28/01/2016

      tam chyba zawsze jest cudownie :)

  15. Michelle
    14:35 28/01/2016

    Such a great post. Shall put all your tips to use when I visit later this year.

    • kami
      22:52 28/01/2016

      Thank you! I hope you will enjoy Malta once you go there!

  16. Joanna Ejsmont Lisowska
    08:25 29/01/2016

    zdjęciami kusisz:) a mural (choć to może chodnikal:) żelków boski!

  17. Ania
    13:42 29/01/2016

    Malta is an unexplored destination for me and I feel like it’s not a very popular one. My sister had a chance to visit this beautiful country and she described it exactly like I see in your post. Very interesting and inspiring! I hope to visit Malta soon :)

    • kami
      23:18 02/02/2016

      I had an impression the majority of people around me have been to Malta recently! If you have a chance – and there’re lots of cheap flights – be sure to go there, I think you will like it! And it’s a perfect sunny getaway for the weather like now!

  18. Nina
    17:59 29/01/2016

    I never visited Malta but would love to fo that!!! I will print your post and take with me. Great job, thanks!

    • kami
      23:19 02/02/2016

      Thanks! I hope you will have a chance to go there soon!

  19. mewa
    20:39 31/03/2016

    nie spodziewałam się że Malta to takie piękne miejsce :)

  20. a
    00:05 11/04/2016

    hi kami, do u think that malta is safe for a female traveler, traveling alone? i need some advice. thank U! =)

    • kami
      11:50 13/04/2016

      it definitely is! I was there on my own and it was a perfectly fine and easy place to visit!

      • a
        23:03 15/04/2016

        thank you! !

      • A
        11:55 27/05/2016

        Hi again I ijust came back from malta. It was an amazing experience! My hostel was fully booked with solo travellers and we endedup traveling with each other all the time. Malta is a beautiful island! Next time u should stay at the hostel ;) despite all expectations, malta was my best experience as a solo female traveler!!! Loved it

        • kami
          22:01 03/06/2016

          I’m glad to hear that :) Malta is a really decent country for solo travelers! And I stayed in the hostel there too! :)

  21. Mario Falzon
    14:11 29/05/2016

    Your article Kami is spot-on. I live in Malta (Sliema area) but I’ve never read an article about my country that is as truthful and realistic as yours. The pictures you added to your writing are as wonderful as the real thing. You have an eye for detail and for anything naturally beautiful.
    May I add that years ago, back in 1990, I’ve fallen in love with your native country and since then I’ve visited most of the Polish cities and villages. I’ve just returned from Silesia, having spent 2 weeks in Jelenia Gora, Klodzko, Kudowa-Zdroj and Szklarska Poreba Gorna where I spent a marvelous time with Polish friends. I will soon return to Poland, this time to discover for a second time the Polish Lake District: Gizycko, Mikolajki, Lidzbark Warminski, Ketrzyn, etc.
    By the way, I have visited Lublin twice. From what I read in your articles about Poland, it seems you come from Lublin. Lublin’s Castle, particularly the chapel is a real gem.

    • kami
      22:16 03/06/2016

      Thank you for your nice words, they mean a lot to me!

      So nice to hear about your fondness to Poland! Your really seem to know my country very well! What’s your favourite place in Poland? I’m actually not from Lublin itself but close to it, Puławy – have you been there as well :) ?

  22. Mario Falzon
    15:32 04/06/2016

    Every bit of Poland is wonderful and most places are still calm and peaceful, free from the hustle and bustle of city life. I love Torun for its authenticity (and its tasty pierniki); I love Malbork for its grand Castle; I love Gdansk for its history and its architecture; I love Krakow for Wawel Hill and its atmospheric Rynek (where I ate dozens of obwarzanki and drank limitless amounts of Tyskie). But my favourite are undoubtedly the High Tatras and the deep ravines that run deep between the mountains. I have trekked here from one mountain to another, staying for the night in refuges (chata in Polish, isn’t it?)where I enjoyed the unforgettable atmosphere of sharing views with fellow Polish trekkers in the evening. The tip of Mount Kasprowy Wierch is for me heaven on earth, the most serene, peaceful and scenic place on the planet.
    Yes, Kami, I have visited both Pulawy and its northern neighbour Deblin. I took the PKS bus from Radom to Deblin where I stayed for a couple of hours; then I moved on to Pulawy where I lingered for half a day before I continued by bus to Lublin. Pulawy’s landscape park which surrounds the Czartoryski palace is wonderful and ideal for short walks.
    By the way, I can understand written Polish (and so, I can understand most of the Polish blogs in this site) but the spoken language still seems for me too difficult to understand. Thanks Kami for taking the trouble to answer back.

    • Mario Falzon
      15:41 04/06/2016

      My regrets for publishing by mistake the same (or almost the same, isn’t it?) comments twice. Kami, can you kindly erase one of these comments?

    • kami
      22:11 21/06/2016

      wow, you really know Poland well! I’m impressed!

  23. Izabela
    19:26 21/08/2016

    Kami super z Ciebie dziewczyna i widze, ze obie jestesmy ze Slaska – wybieram sie w srode na Malte, rowniez mam hostel w Sliemie :) Prawie calego Twojego bloga przeczytalam i super byloby sie spotkac na Slasku – o ile nie bedziesz w rozjazdach! Pozdrawiam Cie serdecznie i dziekuje za wpis :)

    • kami
      12:35 31/08/2016

      Dziękuję za miłe słowa :) ale ze Śląska akurat nie jestem, tylko z Lubelszczyzny :) tak czy siak jak będę znów na Śląsku może uda się spotkać :) A tymczasem mam nadzieję, że Malta Ci dobrze służy! Pozdrawiam!

  24. saby
    03:40 03/11/2016

    hey thanks for the post! im planning my trip to malta and your post is well sorted out and genuine! please keep up:)

  25. Lisa
    09:03 25/01/2017

    You’ve put together a great detailed post. Malta attracts people for many reasons, mainly (but not only) for the sun, the Blue lagoon & historic buildings.

  26. Luís
    04:14 23/02/2017

    Me and my girlfriend are planning on going to Malta soon and for about the same time as you have, so this was incredibly helpful. Thank you, Kami.

    Cheers from Portugal. ;)

    • kami
      08:39 24/02/2017

      I’m glad you found it useful! Have a wonderful trip!

  27. Connie
    22:46 14/03/2017

    Hello thanks for your post, I’m planning my first trip to Malta and look forward to it. I really appreciate you detailed the public transport system, my all time go to for my travels, and the tips you gave regarding Gozo definitely looking forward to my trip and will make sure to include your suggestions. Cheers!

    • kami
      14:39 29/03/2017

      Thanks! I really hope you will have a wonderful time in Malta!

  28. Nico
    15:25 10/05/2017

    Hey Kami, great post. Your information is very useful and will be considered for my next trip to Malta in August. I just noticed that your text skips the third day. I’m not sure if you condensed two in one, but just wanted to let you know. Cheers

    • kami
      16:18 10/05/2017

      Thank you!! I changed some info in the post and must have deleted it!! Thank you for the info! I’m trying to fix it but for some reason it doesn’t want to be updated :/ I will let you know when the 3rd day is back! Thank you!

    • kami
      09:23 27/05/2017

      all fixed! Thank you again for letting me know!

  29. Suzy
    11:37 20/06/2017

    Hi Kami

    It was great to see your blog as I am planning to go to Malta for 5 days in September. I am really glad you say it is safe for female solo travellers too!! If there are 3 places I MUST go to (cafes, beaches, anything) which do you think it should be?

    I can’t wait to see what you say about your trip to Ukraine as I am planning to go on the Chernobyl tour at the end of December and see a bit more of what may be there.

    Thanks again!


    • kami
      07:58 21/06/2017

      Thank you for your comment Suzy! I think 5 days are enough in Malta and you will definitely enjoy it. My top 3 places would be Valetta, Gozo and Marsaxlokk but there are so many charming places around I’m sure you will find your favorites!
      I’m hoping to visit Chernobyl in August, if I do you will definitely find all about it here.
      Happy travels!

  30. Pairoj Sakulsupich
    05:45 27/06/2017

    Hi Kami,

    I am glad that I found your web pages while searching for Malta itinerary. We are planning a trip to Greece and Malta around October this year. Information on your web are very useful. We already visited Serbia and Bulgaria last year. So perhaps we would visit Poland next year!

    Thanks again,

  31. Laura Longwell
    04:27 20/09/2017

    Thanks so much for your detailed report. We decided to do a trip to Malta on very short notice (in just a couple of weeks), so having a lot of information in one place is great! Now we’re even more excited than before :)

    • kami
      09:51 05/10/2017

      I’m sure you will have a great time! Malta is really beautiful and so easy to enjoy! Obviously the Azure Window is no longer there, which is a huge shame, but there are still so many places to visit there! Have a great trip!

  32. Luke Desira
    12:04 11/11/2017


    What a detailed blog about our country this is! Well done :)

    Should you ever want, both Romy & myself would love to take you around – we’re sure we’ll be able to take you to a couple of new places.


    • kami
      17:58 27/12/2017

      Thank you Luke for your kind comment and offer! I will definitely get in touch once I return to Malta! Thanks!

  33. Mohit
    23:33 16/11/2017

    Thanks Kami, wonderful article for a new country I’ll be visiting. Is Malta good with an infant and a buggy/pram?

    • kami
      18:00 27/12/2017

      My pleasure! I honestly don’t know about the pram but I assume it might be challenging due to the narrow and often packed roads… but on the other hand Malta is known as a good family destination so maybe it won’t be that bad

  34. Sarah
    04:04 31/12/2017

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I’m hoping to visit this coming year as I’ll b living in Italy for a while. I love how you broke down the areas! It’s so helpful to see photos and know the names of those towns. It’s also great that it’s so easy to access by public transportation. I will be using this as a guide for my trip.

    • kami
      22:14 04/01/2018

      I’m glad you found it useful! I’m sure you will enjoy Malta, it’s such a small but beautiful country! And so easy to get around :)

  35. Anda
    01:10 18/03/2018

    Thank you so much for this post! I just got plane tickets because I found them really cheap while I also had vacation so then when the reality hit I was a bit lost, I didn’t know much about Malta. Your post really helped me a lot! My question is tho, because I am also a solo traveller and I will go there alone -20-24th of april- is why did you feel it wasn’t exactly for people who travel on their own? Which part felt off, to put it this way?

    • kami
      21:17 29/03/2018

      It was just the feeling I had. I haven’t seen many solo travelers around and I also got a weird looks that I’m on my own (it doesn’t happen much anywhere else). I felt safe and all, just a bit weird at times. It’s more a place for families or retired people. But I still had a good time and really enjoyed Malta, it’s such a beautiful country! I’m sure you will like it too!

  36. diamondqueen
    09:20 19/04/2018

    Thankyou for putting together such a very detailed itinerary.

    tho you have missed a lot of places out like preety bay in Birzebbugia where i live where the beach is beautiful shame the view isnt as we have the freeport.
    theres saint julians where the views are stunning and there is so many restaurants its hard to decide at times. there is zurrieq where you can see filfla and you can take a boat trip to see the caves.
    Mosta dome is a gem (tho only open in the mornings) mellieha has nice views from the top of the church
    Dingli cliffs they have to be done when the weather is good as its dangerous when its bad weather
    Tarxien temples and the church.
    Armier bay is spectacular and the cafe are warm and friendly
    paradise bay is a wonderful spot for tourists if you want your breath to be taken away then this is the place for it.
    There is another smaller window in gozo where i need to go to but 1st find out where it is as its awkward to get to but my friends say its beautiful and its wied il mielah.

    i hope you had a wonderful time as a solo traveller and hope maybe next time you can plan a trip on based on what i have given you..

    • kami
      11:08 12/05/2018

      Thank you for your message! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see it all in 5 days only as Malta is so full of attractions which makes the country perfect for tourists! Hopefully I will be able to return there to see more! Thank you for listing all the interesting places, I’m sure me and others will make a good use of them soon :)

  37. Stefany
    11:29 02/05/2018

    Thanks for sharing your experience of Malta! I will be visiting and traveling solo for the first time as a female this summer. I was wondering which hostel you stayed in and if it is more convenient to just stay at one accommodation and just take day trips?

  38. Konrad Mizzi
    14:06 20/08/2018

    A beautiful place that has been described nicely. I have been there and really like my stay.

  39. Richard
    20:23 29/08/2018

    Hello Kami, I was researching Malta as a travel destination and happen-chance discovered your blog. I found the information you provided informative and very useful in planning my own trip. Many thanks for all your tips.

    • kami
      11:32 14/09/2018

      I’m happy you found them useful. Have a great time in Malta!

  40. Chandan Tahasildar
    21:14 30/09/2018

    Hi, I was not sure if I should plan for Bulgaria / Romenia or Malta. Your blog helped me a lot.

    • kami
      09:15 19/10/2018

      I’m glad to read it! Bulgaria is great too but for the seaside I’d recommend Malta more!

  41. Agnieszka
    15:30 08/10/2018

    Droga Kami
    Ciesze sie ze znalazlam twoj wspanialy blog na temat Malty gdzie wybieram sie w listopadzie. Jest bardzo informacyjny i skorzystam z wielu rzeczy ktore w nim polecasz. Chcialam cie tylko dodatkowo podpytac: czy Tallinja Card rowniez obejmuje promy miedzy Valletta a Sliema?
    Oraz czy ta karta jest na 7 dni czy 7 dob np. jesli zaczniemy o 16tej jednego dnia to 7 dob byloby do 16tej osmego dnia, ale jesli 16ta pierwszego dnia liczy sie juz jako 1 dzien to wtedy zabraknie nam karty na ostatni dzien (osmy dzien pobytu).
    Z gory dziekuje i pozdrawiam, Agnieszka

    • kami
      09:28 19/10/2018

      Cześć Agnieszka, dzięki za komentarz i miłe słowa. Co do promu to niestety karta na niego nie obowiązuje, trzeba kupić osobny bilet (pamiętam, że płaciłam wracając z Gozo za podróż w obie strony). Jeśli chodzi o ważność karty to znalazłam taką informację “The card is valid for seven days of unlimited travel starting from the first day and time that the card is validated on the bus.”, więc chyba 7 dni jest ważna tylko. Pozdrawiam i życzę udanego pobytu na Malcie!

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