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Charming Acre, Israel in pictures

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One of the places I knew I have to visit in Israel was Akko/Acre. Narrow winding lanes capped with arches remembering Crusaders times, the Old Town surrounded by the impressive wall, the harbor with colorful boats, the busy local souq – Akko has everything I can wish for and I was so sure I’ll enjoy it!

Acre is an old place – the best times for the city came under the Crusaders rule when it was one of the most important Mediterranean ports, receiving ships from as far as Venice. Over the centuries Akko was under the influence of various cultures – Israelites, Greeks, Romans, Crusaders and Arabs that resulted in the wonderful place with extremely rich history and amazing vibe. Akko is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and I can really see why – the testimony of the passed centuries can be seen on every step, around each corner, in every lane.

At first, just after stepping into the Old Town, I was a little bit disappointed with the place, I didn’t really „feel” it. But the more I started wandering aimlessly around, the more I was falling for it. Akko didn’t feel like yet another tourist destination, like all the old cities in the Mediterranean coast. It was a lively place, full of local people and small businesses. Fishermen were preparing the latest catches, women carried bags full of groceries, kids were running around and I was discovering this wonderful place at a slow pace and enjoying every single moment of it.

Below you can find few pictures – isn’t Acre just the prettiest?

Do you like visiting UNESCO places?

I stayed in amazing Fauzi Azar Inn in Nazareth – a place with the incredible history that really is making a huge difference to the local community, from where I did a day trip to Acre. You can book your stay there here!


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