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Olomouc, Czech Republic in pictures

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When I visited Prague this summer for System of a Down concert I thought that going back home in a straight line is just too easy and visiting something else than Czech’s capital city seemed like a perfectly sane idea. After some minor planning my choice was Olomouc – Czech Republic 6th biggest city and the historical capital of Moravia. It made a perfect sense to stop there on my way from Prague to Warsaw as I had to pass through it anyway. And even if you’re visiting only the capital, Olomouc is a perfect day trip from Prague!

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Visiting Olomouc Czech Republic

I’ve already been to Olomouc Czech Republic before but it was 10 or so years ago and I barely could remember it. I only recalled that it was a beautiful city with a really cool Soviet astronomical clock, similar to the one in Prague but so much better. But when I steped out of the tram in the Old Town I quickly realized this city is so extremely beautiful and charming yet with very few tourists around. Olomouc can easily be called the hidden jewel of Czech Republic!

Short history of Olomouc Czech Republic

Olomouc was founded in 10th century and big part of the Old Town remembers the glorious times of the city.Important monuments can be found on every step yet the most famous one must be the Holy Trinity Column in the middle of the Town Square (the column is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site). But simple wander around Olomouc is the best thing one can do there as the city is really lovely with narrow cobbled streets, arches connecting colorful houses, large squares and just overall feel of the place where the time passes by slowly.

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Olomouc – perfect day trip from Prague

If you look for a nice day trip from Prague to the place where not many go – Olomouc is a perfect destination. Trains run frequently and it takes 2,5 hour but it’s well worth the trip. It’s also a perfect stop in your journey between Prague and Cieszyn/Cracow/Warsaw. And to prove that it really is a beautiful city, here are some pictures:

Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
Olomouc Czech Republic
If pictures are not enough for you please take a look at thie video about Olomouc made by my friends from Visegrad Hostels!

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Have you been to Olomouc Czech Republic? Would you like to visit it?

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Olomouc Czech Republic       Olomouc Czech Republic

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  1. Byliście, ale niestety w strugach deszczu :-( Jest za to pretekst, żeby wrócić!

  2. wygląda dosyć zachęcająco… jednak jak mówimy o Czechach to dla mnie ich południowa część, czyli Morawy i Morawski Kras wymiatają :)

    • Ale Ołomuniec to przecież też Morawy, ba nawet dawna stolica regionu.

    • oczywiście, że tak – skrót myślowy chodziło mi o przepiękne, morawskie pola które są jeszcze bardziej na południe od Ołomuńca np. okolice Nasedlovic :)

  3. Yes, was just there in April! Unfortunately we did not have a beautiful sunny day like the one in the photo, but could see it was a gorgeous place despite the rain.

  4. Went Last Year. Really Enjoyed it. Football Their Now. U21 Championship,s. Will Return. Good Relaxed Feel to the City.

  5. no ba, dzięki Tobie :)

  6. Jakub, pojedźmy :)

  7. To jest bardzo dobry pomysł Kamila! Ja nie ukrywam, że tylko czekam na nowe auto i pora poznać Czechy!

  8. Užívej si Česko,ať se ti výlet vydaří

  9. Lubie Czechy, ale w Ołomuńcu jeszcze nie byłam! Chyba czas najwyższy poświecić trochę czasu na zwiedzanie tej części świata! ;)

  10. Szczerze mówiąc swojsko wygląda :) Niewiele różni się od dolnośląskich miejscowości :) A to mnie cieszy :)

  11. Bardzo bym chciała posiedzieć trochę w Czechach, do tej pory tylko przejazdem tam byłam. A tam zdaje się być tak swojsko i przyjemnie, chyba jeszcze w tym roku postaram się wygospodarować trochę czasu :)

  12. Ołomuniec to jedno z naszych ulubionych czeskich miast. Taka spokojna, mniejsza, bardziej malownicza wersja Brna :)

  13. O tak, Czechy zawsze lubilam. Przez Olomuniec tylko przejezdzalam.

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