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Lviv in winter, Lviv in summer

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As you may remember Ukraine, even if it’s the closest country from Puławy where I grew up and from Warsaw where I live now (well, OK, Belarus is slightly closer), was the place that I visited for the first time only last year. And even then I went to Kiev only (that I loved big time and I’m hoping to return there), not to Lviv which used to be Polish city, is visited each year by way too many Polish people and is just across the border.

But finally in March this year I went to Lviv too… and I fell in love with it, big time. The city stole my heart right away, it was so incredibly beautiful and had such a lovely, Eastern European charm. And all covered in snow it looked like from a fairy tale! That’s why when I had the opportunity to return there in the middle of summer for a weekend with friends I didn’t hestitate too much. I really wanted to explore Lviv some more, wander the cobbled streets and feel the wonderful, bohemian atmosphere again.

And I happily realized that Lviv isn’t so beautiful and charming under the huge piles of snow only. In the summer time it’s different yet still amazing. After this visit it got a solid second or third place (still can’t decide about my feeling towards Tbilisi…) in my personal „favourite cities” list. And now I want to return there more and more often!

But if you ask me which Lviv I prefered, winter or summer one, I don’t think I can give you an answer. Both versions of the city were amazing, both took my breath away, both stole my heart. So below you can find pictures from various spots around Lviv, taken more or less in the same place yet 4 months apart. And you can do your own judgement of this beautiful Ukrainian city!

Petra Doroshenka Street

Opera House

Rynok Square

Ruska Street

View from the Town Hall towards Vysokyi Zamok

View from the Town Hall towards the Armenian Church

Virmenska Street

On the way to the Vysokyi Zamok, Uzhorodska Street and Zamkova Street

Nikifor’s Monument

Bohdana Khmelnystkoho Street

flea market in front of the Dominican Church

Rynok Square

Rynok Square

Rynok Square

Lesi Ukrainky Street

So which version of Lviv do you like more, winter or summer?


Lviv seasons pin (1)       Lviv seasons pin (2)

If you think of visiting Ukraine or just want to read more about the country take a look what else I wrote about it!

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